Scott Jones In The Desert: Friday Photos From Qatar

Pol Espargaró beat brother Aleix last year. That may not be so easy in 2015

Can this bike...

... stop this man? So far it has been advantage Márquez

The fuel tank under the seat of the GP15. Lower and a little further forward than the GP14

Fuel in the same place on the Suzuki, but their electronics are in the tail

The white knight under the lights

The Maniac and his posse roll into the desert

Yonny Hernandez gets last minute instructions before he leaves the pits

Jorge Lorenzo assumes the position

The tail of Honda's Moto3 machine, without the massive silencers at the rear

The trouble with being a tall rider. Scott Redding has a large tank spacer to keep him from sliding forward

To allow him to get his position right on the bike

Still looking ahead

Bradley Smith had a tire that didn't work for him on Friday

The Aprilia RS-GP is beautiful in its simplicity. Now it just needs to be fast.

The engineering on the RC213V-RS is just as beautiful as on the RC213V

The dark horse of 2015. You get the feeling Dani Pedrosa is faster than he is letting on.

The Ducati winglets are back. Will they last?

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... photos and comments that match them perfect.

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If he can see the season out without injury I think he will be the man to beat.

Great pics!

Total votes: 70

I love raceeverything.

Racing roadbikes, racing downhill bikes, racing cars, racing this, racing that.

But for me, a racing motorcycle is the pinnacle, and a GP bike is the best form of eyecandy known to man.

There's just something to them that's hard to describe.

All the different materials put into them, the gorgeous brake calipers and the beautifuly profiled tyres, just some of the reasons why I love them.

When I see that lovely Movistar Yamaha, it just makes my heart skip a beat.

Total votes: 70

How does the large spacer keep Redding forward?
The guy has a real disadvantage looking at the limited room with the footpegs etc. A real shame because the racing needs more competitors otherwise it is a waste of a factory bike.

Total votes: 73

I think that might be one of the few photo blog commentary fails on this site - it certainly doesn't 'keep him forward', it's to stop him sliding forward when braking, and to give him a solid brace point for both braking and cornering.

Total votes: 77

Left and right, backwards and forwards, I always get them mixed up. You are quite right, and I have fixed the captions.

Total votes: 80