Photo Gallery: Up Close With The 2015 Repsol Honda RC213V

The close-up photos of the 2015 Honda RC213V speak for themselves. Look closely at the fit and finish, and marvel at a piece of precision engineering

Note the analog rev counter on Dani Pedrosa's dashboard

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They truly are the bench mark aren't they. Just gorgeous pieces of engineering.

What an amazing racing machine. So elegant and so fast!

I really like the fact that Dani still goes for an analog rpm-meter.
I think he also very much appreciates the fact that the cable to the rear wheel sensor is firmly protected by the fender. Still don't like the orange colour of that fender, though. And I'm not sure whether I think the Red Bull fron fender nicely integrates into the whole colour scheme. And then there's the Zebra stripes.

I think Scott's RC213V looks rather neat in that black outfit compared to this year's Repsol design.


The biggest compliment I could make is the fit and finish of this prototype racer are production quality.

Nobody ever used to put that much effort in to component fabrication for parts that may only last a few months, really curious as to how much 3D design and 3D printing Honda are using to get everything 'just so' before it's cmc'd / cut / moulded / fabricated.

What an era we live in for motorcycle packaging.