Thank You And Happy New Year To All Our Readers!

We wish all of our readers a very Happy New Year, and good health, happiness, and success in 2015!

Thanks to all our readers for your support in 2014. We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of MotoGP and World Superbikes this year, and will continue to support us again in 2015. A special thanks to everyone who has become a site supporter and taken out a subscription, without your financial support we would have had to stop a long time ago. Thanks also to everyone who bought a calendar in 2014, and who bought one for 2015, the proceeds from calendar sales are also a key factor in keeping the site running. If you woud like to support us, you can buy a 2015 calendar here, or join the growing band of site supporters. Thanks also to the many people who donated money to keep the site running, their contributions made a big difference.

Thanks to Pole Position Travel for their continuing support, to Alpinestars for their help and assistance, to all of the riders, mechanics, team managers, press officers who helped us keep you informed throughout the year. Thanks also to the staff in the many hospitality units who kept us supplied with coffee (essential fuel for a sports writer!), snacks and food. Thanks to the staff at Dorna, who provided many essential services behind the scenes, and to the staff at circuits around the world, who are almost unfailingly helpful. 

A very special word of thanks to the people who keep the site running. To Scott Jones, arguably the finest photographer working in the paddock today. To Jared Earle, for his tireless coverage of World Superbikes and World Supersport. To Mike Lewis and Jacob Leech, for covering practice and the races, giving me a chance to get out and collect more information. 

But above all, thanks to you, readers, for following and supporting the site, but also for the many intelligent comments which all too often put the content of the site to shame. May 2015 bring a fantastic year of motorcycle racing, and give us more than enough to write about and discuss!

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No, the thanks are all ours for the quality and quantity of articles on this site. Massive thanks to all concerned, a cracking New Year to you and yours. Bring on the racing in 2015, quick!

To me, the MotoGP weekend does not end until I've read the Motomatters weekend roundup. Please, keep up the excellent work.

I can't thank you enough for this site David. Your insight and analysis are our conduit into the real world of MotoGP and WSBK. The only reason I go to the official MotoGP site is to watch the races, never to read any of their articles. There no point when we have you and your team giving us the real goods. Here's to a prosperous and exciting 2015!!!