Scott Jones Shoots The Superprestigio Part 3: The Superfinal

Jared Mees told Kenny Noyes to line up inside him at the start of the Superfinal. "I was thinking, 'You're either tricking me or you're going to open up a hole.'" Noyes said.

Marquez and Mees got away from the line better, but found Thomas Chareyre in their way

Chareyre went down, blocking Marquez, Mees and Smith

Noyes and Bailo were the beneficiaries

Marquez, Mees and Ribalta were left with ground to make up

The two champions soon forced their way forward...

... And started closing on the leaders

They disposed of Ribalta, and a very impressive Oliver Brindley

Then they started closing on Kenny Noyes

It took them a few laps ...

But they got past in the end

Two champions

Turn 1. Tricky spot.

Marcel Schrotter put up a very respectable performance

Spanish champ. And nearly Superprestigio champ

The Palau Sant Jordi: Once home to Michael Jordan, now home to Marc Marquez


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