Scott Jones At Silverstone: Saturday Photos From A Windswept Airfield

The Doctor's Surgery

If this MotoGP thing doesn't work out, there's always the circus

That should buff right out. Probably

True Brit: Redding runs with a Union Jack livery

Knee up, elbow down is the new knee down

Andrea Iannone: the future of Ducati?

Johann Zarco finally brought some cheer to Caterham, by bagging his first pole for the team

That'll probably buff out as well

All change at the back

Aleix Espargaro is officially off the market

Homework never ends when you're in MotoGP

Remember, MotoGP fans: don't drink beer and ride your motorcycle!

Unless it's alcohol free, of course ...

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Looking at lots of connectors and battery pack? in the photo of Bradl's bike.... looks like signs of some independent control modules handling other functions which are external to the control ECU. It's not just a "software" thing that separates the factory options from the rest.