Moto2 And Moto3 Massively Oversubscribed For 2015

The popularity of Moto2 and Moto3 continues unabated, both among fans and among racing teams. Silverstone was the deadline for teams to submit their requests to be considered for grid slots in the two support classes for MotoGP in 2015, and the entries massively outnumbered the available spaces on the grid.

There were entries for 47 riders in Moto3, and 45 in Moto2, all competing for the 32 available slots in each class. The selection committee of IRTA, who decide who will be given the places on the grid, then selected a total of 33 teams who will be awarded grid slots. Those teams now have until Aragon to submit a list of the riders they will have under contract for 2015, and the bikes they intend to race next season. They will also have to pay a deposit to ensure their entry for next season.

The Aragon deadline will trigger an early round of negotiation for 2015 in the junior classes, which have traditionally not signed riders until very late on in the process. With teams required to submit a list of both riders and bikes, they will have to secure contracts, at least provisionally, with riders and with machinery manufacturers. The rider list submitted will not necessarily be the final 2015 line up for both classes, but it will be very close.

The Aragon deadline for bikes is a new rule for 2015, instituted after the delay in Honda announcing its Moto3 plans last year. HRC knew it would be producing a much more competitive, and consequently much more expensive version of its Moto3 bike for this season, and held off in the hope that teams would switch to KTM, Kalex or Mahindra. Honda knew it would have to subsidize its Moto3 entries, and wanted to limit its costs. To avoid a similar situation, and ensure that all teams would have an equal chance to secure use of the cost-capped Moto3 bikes of their choice, IRTA instituted the deadline at Aragon.

Below is the press release from the FIM on the entry list:

FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix

Meeting of the Selection Committee – Silverstone (GBR), 30 August

Any team wishing to participate in the Moto3 or Moto2 classes of the FIM MotoGP World Championship in 2015 was required to submit an application to IRTA by the deadline of Thursday 28 August.

On Saturday 30 August the Selection Committee charged with reviewing applications convened at Silverstone.

There were valid applications considered from teams representing 47 riders in the Moto3 class and 45 riders in the Moto2 class. The target entry for both classes is 32 riders.

The Selection Committee agreed to provisionally confirm the participation of 33 teams who, between them, can provide the riders to meet the targeted entry. These teams now have until the deadline of Friday 26 September at the Aragon GP to confirm the machines they will use, the final riders they will contract and to pay a security deposit to guarantee their eventual participation.

A second selection meeting will then take place during the Aragon GP to review the final entry details and to confirm those teams that will be offered Participation Agreements for 2015. A list of accepted teams will then be published.

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Le'see here - two classes with cost controls, making it more likely a rider can win without the benefit of cubic money = more people want to play than they can handle vs MOTOGP where costs are out-of-control and the manufacturers write the rules = 3 or 4 guys really having a chance to win on any given Sunday from a grid begging for more participants.
How long will it take for DORNA to get serious about MOTOGP? Imitating F1 is NOT the way to go!! Ditch the electronics, make the manufacturers produce reasonable numbers of machines for sale or stay home and try (at least try) to make MOTOGP a test of rider skill and daring more than an exercise in spending boatloads of cash and computer programming. Please? And while you're at it, put the damn races back on broadcast TV so everyone can watch 'em. The sponsors will thank you.

Moto3 and Moto2 maybe oversubscribed but the main category that everyone wants to see flourish is not seeing too much action. Okay so Dorna screwed up the category called MotoGP by introducing sub categories like the CRT and now the Open to make up numbers on the grid, but seriously those of us who watch the races on TV don't get to see much more than the first four or five motorcycles, with an occasional short shot of a someone at the rear crashing or retiring. In my honest opinion the connect between the lower categories of racing (Moto3 and Moto2) and MotoGP has long been lost. It would be interesting to see how many spectators would turn up for a race weekend which will be Moto3 and Moto2 only. I don't know, I do not understand what is happening in GP racing any more.

Flying to Argentina/USA/Far East, or being at your 'home' race to be told you haven't made the top 32 would be slightly irritating.
There are almost enough to make up a grid in WSB for 250's and 500/600's.........

That you still end up with a shortfall in the top class, and Kropotkin's strap line, tells the story. Neither Moto's 3 or 2 could be called 'cheap' racing, either.

I have lost track of the target cost of WSB bikes but whether it's $100k or 300k, the fact that a competitive MGP bike now costs $3.5 mill is clearly too expensive for all but the most well-endowed teams or individuals. When the likes of Paul Bird and Marc VDS cannot afford to compete, there is a problem.

A balance is needed, and it's not that WSB needs to be more 'techy', or accessible to/watched by fewer people.