Scott Jones' Catalonia Dreamin' - Friday At Barcelona

Something old, something new ...

Scott Redding, by Scott Jones

Fastest man of the afternoon, Bradley Smith. He needed that.

Injured scaphoid, 20 horsepower down, but the Kentucky Kid still has it

Home boy. Even though he now lives in Andorra. For the training opportunities...

Careful preparation

Cal Crutchlow needs a weekend where everything goes to plan. Hasn't happened so far this year

The kerbs are a problem at Catalunya, because they are raised so much higher than at other tracks ...

... as you can see from the drop on the inside of the kerb

Number 7?

But can this man stop him?

Dovizioso. Ducati. For how long?

Dani Pedrosa needs a good weekend too. Things haven't been easy

The old man still has it

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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...GREAT IDEA! How about these two switch bikes?

The picture of Pol Esp is BEAUTIFUL. And captures something essential to keep an eye on - this kid is showing signs of some serious brilliant gifts arising. Great to see. Is that the earth's atmosphere he is riding atop in the photo? First we see Marc w both wheels in the heavens T1 Laguna, now Pol trancending orbit!? ;)

Cal isn't getting on w the Ducati. Are you surprised? On a factory team w great support and a fat paycheck so his mouth has a gatekeeper for a change. Familiar - adapt your riding style to the Bstones and the Yamaha's front end focus, then find yourself drifting aimlessly at turn in like a bad dream. One of those Ducati seats is going to be vacated in favor of giving the Suzuki a go methinks, likely Dovi or Cal...and Iannone will (deservedly) get the ride. Betcha a pint of Guiness (imperial pint, none of this 16oz 'Production Pint' business).

Which brings us to way of looking at things is that he has 'still got it' at his age. Another is that he has 'still got it' after losing something essential trying to ride the Ducati after the Yamaha. Look, being able to race at the limit is a tenuous thing, the culmination of a great many seemingly teensy AND monumental factors. Like being in love, it can all come apart in an instant, and glimmer of undertone can usurp the whole enchilada and steal away the story line. Rossi still has it after going through TWO seasons of what Cal is mired in. I bet a race weekend seems like an eternity to Cal, but each moment a disturbingly fleeting struggle. Valentino and Marquez however are grooving into a deliciously long present moment experience the summation of which is a weekend 'that just flew by.' Effortless.

Which brings us to Lorenzo. Notice anything re #99's livery? He has 'turned up the volume' on his #'s - that 99 is huge. This too captures something essential re his season and a way of being for him. It is a wee Biaggi-esque. He has been asserting himself upon his garage and his bike in the same way he pushes that 99 to fill the front cowling. And the track. He is manifesting a warrior and it is very serious business. Strength of will to carry him up into 'the zone' trancending earthly limitations. Head more than heart. It can have a less graceful manner of pushing on the pliability of the limit, and as such I hope to see him manage his Promethean endeavor and VERY much enjoy the poignant story of it and the Dionysian Rossi and Marquez synergy. Joy of joys!

and is it just me or has Nicky Hayden ALWAYS ridden with outstanding, flamboyant style. Love that Kentucky Kid. Don't sleep on Bradders either. He too always cuts a dramatic line through the corners. He has that moto2 touch.