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Tom's Tech Treasures: A Closer Look At The Bikes At Motegi

Thomas Morsellino is a French freelance journalist and photographer, with keen eye for the technical details of MotoGP bikes. You may have seen some of his work on Twitter, where he runs the @Off_Bikes account. Peter Bom is a world championship winning former crew chief, with a deep and abiding knowledge of every aspect of motorcycle racing. Peter has worked with such riders as Cal Crutchlow, Danny Kent, and Stefan Bradl. After every race, will be publishing a selection of Tom's photos of MotoGP bikes, together with extensive technical explanations of the details by Peter Bom. subscribers will get access to the full resolution photos, which they can download and study in detail, and all of Peter's technical explanations of the photos. Readers who do not support the site will be limited to the 800x600 resolution photos, and an explanation of two photos.

Nakasuga’s YZR-M1 exhaust from above
Peter Bom: Exhaust configuration is vital for both power and engine character. Yamaha is using a four-into-two-into-one exhaust combination. Don’t be surprised if next year we see a different exhaust on the M1.

Winglets on GP18 (Dovizioso)
Peter Bom: The base of the winglet is integrated into the skin of the fairing to minimize air turbulence.

Suspension kit, harder or softer depending on the conditions and riding styles

When winglets are needed, just fit them on the fairing

Cooling system on the KTM Moto2 (Ajo) for Motegi and its hard braking points

Neutral push lever for seamless gearboxes (KTM RC16)

Valentino Rossi’s dashboard

System to cool down the water on a Kalex bike (Marc VDS).

Brake pressure and travel sensors on Katsuyuki Nakasuga's Yamaha M1

Tito Rabat’s calipers (used by Xavier Siméon)

Ventilated front mudguard on the RC213V

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Carmelo Ezpeleta Visits Bali - First Step Towards An Indonesian Round Of MotoGP

On Tuesday, Dorna issued a press release together with the Indonesian Tourism Development Company, or ITDC, that brought an Indonesian round of MotoGP one step closer to reality. If the plans come to fruition, MotoGP could be racing on a specially-adapted street circuit on the island of Lombok as early as 2021.

Carmelo Ezpeleta and his son (and MotoGP Sporting Director) Carlos visited Nusa Dua, in the south of Bali, one of Indonesia's favorite destinations for tourists, as guest of the ITDC. While he was there, they hopped across to Lombok, the next island east of Bali, to visit the Mandalika tourist resort on the south coast of Lombok, which is currently under development. 

The plan is for a race to be organized on a circuit using the public roads inside the resort. This is the 'street race' which was rumored much earlier in the year, but about which few details had emerged. Safety concerns are much easier to address, as the layout of the tourist resort will feature wide roads and plenty of open spaces, with plenty of room to create gravel traps and run off. 

Dorna have been very keen to organize a race in Indonesia, both because it is a key market for the manufacturers in MotoGP, and because of the enormous and enthusiastic fan base in the country. They have previously been in discussion with the Sentul circuit, just outside the Indonesian capital Jakarta, and also at a new circuit to be built at Palembang, on the island of Sumatra. Those plans fell through, in part over arguments over financing, and in the case of Sentul, because of political disputes with Tommy Suharto, son of the former president, who is directly involved with the circuit. 

One problem faced by Dorna in organizing a race in Indonesia was the combination of corruption and bureaucracy. There were fears among those involved in the running of a MotoGP weekend that logistics would be difficult, as getting goods through customs on time, and without paying significant bribes, could prove to be a huge challenge, and make the event much more expensive than it would otherwise be. 

Organizing a race at the Mandalika tourist resort would get around a lot of those problems. Mandalika is a so-called Special Economic Tourism Zone, and as such, is exempt from most customs rules for imports into Indonesia. Getting the bikes and equipment into and out of Lombok is much easier, as they are technically never imported into Indonesia, reducing the chances of corruption. Furthermore, organizing a race inside of the Mandalika resort would mean that the entire event is being run by the resort, and as such, would remove much of the corruption caused by local officials. The fact that the event is to be run by the ITDC is also a benefit here, as the government agency has the authority to ensure that the necessary bureaucracy and paperwork is kept to a minimum, as well as the political power to back that up.

Though there is still much to be done before an Indonesian MotoGP race can happen, this project looks the most promising of those which have been proposed so far. The next step would be for a contract to be signed for a race, which would likely be sometime next year, or early 2020 at the latest. 

The press release appears below.

Press Release

The Nusa Dua Bali - Indonesia, November 5th 2018

ITDC (Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation/ PT. Pengembangan Pariwisata Indonesia (Persero)), confirms that between the Australian MotoGP held on Philip Island and the Malaysian Grand Prix, Mr Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports SL, along with the Sporting Director, Mr Carlos Ezpeleta, took a short break to visit the Island of Bali, staying at one of the five-star resorts at the Nusa Dua, a 350-ha integrated Tourism Estate, owned and managed by ITDC.

During this time, Mr Ezpeleta and Mr Abdulbar M. Mansoer, CEO and President Director of ITDC, toured and enjoyed the facilities at the Nusa Dua and also embarked on a day trip to the Island of Lombok to visit the Mandalika, another tourism resort project currently under development by ITDC, situated in the Southern Coast of the Island. Specifically, for this trip, Dorna was visiting a possible location for hosting future Motorbike Race Events within the 1,175-ha integrated tourism estate.

A statement from Mr Abdulbar M. Mansoer reads as follows:

“Mr Carmelo Ezpeleta was primarily at the Nusa Dua for a well-deserved break at the Bali National Golf Club before heading out to Kuala Lumpur for the Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang. It was not his first time to the Island as he visited the Nusa Dua around 2 years prior beforehand. For this visit, during his busy schedule and on route between the two races, he wanted to visit Bali as well as Lombok, where we welcomed him to the Mandalika and presented a potential concept to host future Motorbike Race Events. His visit was brief, but we believe that he sincerely enjoyed his break and of course we would be very happy to welcome him back to Bali and Lombok in the near future.”


PT Pengembangan Pariwisata Indonesia (Persero) or Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) is a state-owned enterprise focused in creating new tourism destinations in Indonesia. For over 40 years, ITDC has developed the Nusa Dua as a tourism area in Bali to be one of the world’s most prestigious tourism destinations. Currently in the Nusa Dua, there are 19 starred hotels which offer 5,000+ hotel rooms, shopping centres, a museum, cultural venues, an 18-hole golf course, an international hospital and other tourism amenities. With two international MICE facilities, the Nusa Dua has become host to various international large-scale events, including the UN Climate Change 2007, APEC 2013, Bali Democratic Forum, Miss World 2013 and recently the World Bank IMF Annual Meetings. Consistently managed with an environmentally friendly concept, the Nusa Dua has earned various awards such as Kalpataru of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and certification of Tri Hita Karana of Tri Hita arana Bali Foundation, Indonesia Sustainable Tourism Award 2017 as well as ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Award 2018. At the global level, in 2004, the Nusa Dua obtained the first Certification of Green Globe 21 Asia Pacific in the world for “Community Resort” category awarded by Green Globe Foundation, a global institution supported by the UN.


The Mandalika, an Integrated Tourism Complex is situated in the South of Lombok, Indonesia next to the neighboring Island of Bali. The destination itself is designated a Special Economic Tourism Zone, encompassing a total area of 1.175 ha of prime Real Estate specifically dedicated for the development of an International Tourism Complex. With 16km of Beachfront, the Mandalika is managed under ITDC, which is known for the development and management of the Nusa Dua Tourism Complex in Bali, Indonesia.


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Sepang MotoGP Race Schedule Moved 2 Hours Earlier Due To Expected Weather

The schedule for race day at the 2018 Malaysian Grand Prix has been modified, due to expected heavy rain. The entire day has been moved 2 hours earlier, in an attempt to avoid a downpour expected to arrive at around 3pm local time on Sunday afternoon.

The change had been requested by the riders in the Safety Commission on Friday evening. Heavy rain on Saturday helped make their point: a torrential downpour starting in FP4 caused qualifying to be delayed. The rain in FP4 caught several riders out quite badly, with Jordi Torres falling and injuring his wrist, Maverick Viñales crashing and destroying his Yamaha M1.

As the paddock waited for the start of a delayed Q1 session to start, IRTA, who are in charge of the running of each MotoGP round, issued a new schedule, moving the entire program back 2 hours earlier, meaning the MotoGP race will now start on Sunday at 1pm local time, instead of 3pm.

The new schedule is as follows (click the link to convert to your local time):

Moto3 race: 10am MYT
Moto2 race: 11:20am MYT
MotoGP race: 1pm MYT


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CormacGP Shoots Phillip Island - The Glory Of Phillip Island

Would the Yamaha be competitive at Phillip Island? Of course it would

Jackass was outstanding at his home round, but couldn't match the pace at the end of the race

Heavy wind, cold temperatures, hard tires. Dani Pedrosa's kryptonite trifecta

Big data, big difference

The King of Phillip Island? Only in odd years

Karel Abraham got a free upgrade in Australia

Little did Johann Zarco suspect what awaited him

Still not working the way it should for Valentino Rossi

Alvaro Bautista exceeded expectations in Australia. What a difference a factory bike, and a factory team, can make

Up, over, and down again. That's the magic of Phillip Island

Relations haven't always been this cordial. Winning cures a lot of ills

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Stefan Bradl To Replace Injured Cal Crutchlow

Stefan Bradl is to replace Cal Crutchlow on the LCR Honda at the next round of MotoGP at Sepang, a week from today. As HRC's official test rider, Bradl was the easy choice to take the place of the injured Crutchlow.

Crutchlow was ruled out of Sunday's Australian Grand Prix after a huge crash at Turn 1 during FP2 on Friday. His right leg took a beating in the fall, fracturing his ankle in three places. Crutchlow was flown to Melbourne, where an external cage was placed on his ankle to fix the bones in place while the swelling subsides. Crutchlow is due for further surgery on Thursday to have the bones plated.

That rules Crutchlow out of the race at Sepang, and makes him doubtful for the Valencia race in three weeks' time. A decision on Valencia will not be made until much nearer the event, but it is conceivable that Crutchlow will decide to sit out the race, and focus on being fit for the last test of the year at Jerez at the end of November.

Stefan Bradl will take the place of Cal Crutchlow in the LCR Honda team at Sepang, and if the Englishman is not fit to race at Valencia, then at the final race as well. Bradl would have been present at Valencia anyway, both because of TV duties with the Austrian Servus TV, and for the first post-season test at Valencia on the Tuesday and Wednesday after the race.

There is some small irony in Bradl being drafted in to replace Crutchlow at LCR. Crutchlow took the place of the German in the LCR Honda team at the end of the 2014, when team boss Lucio Cecchinello decided to gamble on the Englishman, rather than continue with Bradl.

Below are two press releases from the LCR Honda squad, giving some detail on Crutchlow's injury, and announcing Stefan Bradl as his replacement.


PRESS RELEASE: 28 October 2018 | Medical Report

The LCR Honda CASTROL Team can provide an update on the condition of Cal Crutchlow who suffered an ankle injury at the Australian Grand Prix on Friday. The Briton rider crashed out at the first corner of the Phillip Island circuit, sustaining damage that ruled him out of the remainder of the MotoGP event.

Lucio Cecchinello (LCR Team Principal): “Cal arrived at Alfred Hospital by helicopter very quickly after the crash and his initial treatment in the medical centre at the race track. We are very grateful for this because, despite his serious injury, it was not compulsory, but everyone was very keen for him to be taken to hospital by helicopter”.

“Once he arrived, he had a full body scan which confirmed that the only part of his body injured in the crash was his right ankle. The fracture he sustained to it involved both the ankle malleolus and distal tibia. Dr. Lazarus and the surgery team led by Dr. Edwards – who successfully operated on the right ankle of Dani Pedrosa many years ago – carried out a first procedure which was a fracture reduction and alignment and external fixation with the use of a cage”.

“This first surgery took 45 minutes and was simply to put the bone back into the perfect position for a second operation. That will take place on Wednesday or Thursday once the swelling to the ankle has gone down and will most likely involve inserting three small plates to keep the bone in place and guarantee the best possible recovery”.

“The plan is that he will then be discharged three days after the second operation, which is next weekend. We will be in Malaysia at that time, so Cal will fly home instead and try to recover as quickly as possible. He will be able to start physiotherapy two weeks after the surgery to try and get himself fit as quickly as he can.”


PRESS RELEASE: 28 October 2018 | Official Announcement

Following LCR Honda CASTROL rider Cal Crutchlow’s injury at Phillip Island, the LCR Honda Team has confirmed that HRC Test rider Stefan Bradl will replace the Briton at the Sepang Grand Prix. Crutchlow – who headed to Australia in great form after his second place at Motegi – suffered a fracture to his right ankle and distal tibia after a heavy fall at the famous coastal circuit on Friday and won’t be able to participate to the Malaysian GP next week.

Stefan Bradl (HRC Test Rider): “First of all I want to say it’s a great pity for Cal because he was in good form after the podium in Japan and the last few races. I hope he has a speedy recovery. It’s a good opportunity for me, it’s a nice comeback (to the LCR Team) as we had three years together and there are a lot of people I know in the team. I also want to thank HRC and Lucio for reacting so quickly and professionally to this situation. Now let’s see what we can do, I’m looking forward to seeing the guys and working with them again.”

Lucio Cecchinello (LCR Team Principal): “Obviously we are very disappointed about Cal’s crash in Friday’s FP2 session and the resulting fracture of the right ankle. But this is part of racing and we must accept if even if we do not like it. Cal’s orthopaedic problem will be successfully fixed in few weeks. The whole team wish him a very speed recovery and in the meantime we move to Malaysia for the penultimate round of the season with another LCR former racer. Stefan Bradl raced in LCR colours for three years in the premier class (2012, 2013 and 2014) and we know all about his remarkable skills and undeniable talent. We are happy to be back in the garage together”.


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Andrew Gosling Shoots Phillip Island, Part 1

Fast again. But the problem for Maverick Viñales is that the Yamaha is only quick at some tracks, and not others

This man, though, is the man to fear

Ready to go. A bit more ready than last year, for sure

Mattia Pasini leads Moto2 in Australia

Alvaro Bautista gets a go on a GP18. So far, so good

Andrea Dovizioso, better than 2017

Valentino Rossi used to own Phillip Island. He needs another Yamaha M1 if he wants to own it again

Collateral damage

Mike Jones is back, in for Alvaro Bautista. Scoring a point might be harder this year, though

Home race

Cal Crutchlow was quick, until a horrific crash at Turn 1 left him with a broken ankle

A lot of media interest for Jack Miller


Pecco Bagnaia, the man who would be champ

Moto2 frame laid bare

The end Aprilia would like to be showing the competition

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Wind And Rain Cause Delay For WorldSBK In Qatar

A huge storm, and the threat of more bad weather, has forced Dorna to delay action on the final day of the WorldSBK season in Qatar. Torrential rain has flooded the track, and garages, and strong winds have caused damage around the circuit, including to the podium area. Various videos and photos posted on social media showed the severity of the storm. 

For the moment, all action has been postponed, awaiting inspections of the track and the floodlights. Initially, racing had been canceled, but the organizers revised the decision and will look at various options to ensure that racing does happen. Although the WorldSBK title is settled, the WorldSSP title is still wide open, with just 5 points separating Sandro Cortese and Jules Cluzel.

There are a number of options for the organizers. They can either wait and hope the weather will clear, and run the races under the floodlights, or they can postpone the racing until Sunday. Both those options would cause a problem for the teams, many of whom are booked onto flights back to Europe tonight. That would also involve considerable cost, and an argument over who would bear it. Alternatively, Dorna could call off the final day of action altogether. 

A decision had been expected at 4pm local time (3pm CET), but so far, no updates have been forthcoming.


WorldSBK announced the following, updated schedule. All times local time:

WorldSSP at 16.45 (15 minutes WUP)
WorldSBK at 17.10 (15 minutes WUP)
WorldSSP at 18.15 (Race-15 Laps) 
WorldSBK at 19.45 (Race-17 laps) 

(GMT+3) Local Time 

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KTM Confirm Two-Year Test Rider Deal With Dani Pedrosa

It had been widely trailed, and long expected, but KTM have finally confirmed that Dani Pedrosa has agreed to be a test rider for the Austrian factory for the next two seasons. Pedrosa will take on the role alongside current test rider Mika Kallio.

Rumors that Pedrosa would take on a testing role with KTM have been circulating for some time, ever since it became clear that Pedrosa would not be part of the Repsol Honda team. The Spaniard had been linked to the Petronas Yamaha seat as well, but in the end, he felt that some of the joy had gone out of racing, and he didn't feel he had the intensity to keep racing beyond the end of this year.

That KTM should sign Pedrosa as a test rider is not that surprising. Mike Leitner, KTM's MotoGP team manager, was Pedrosa's crew chief with Repsol Honda up until 2014, after which Leitner left to work on KTM's MotoGP project. Leitner knows Pedrosa extremely well, and has spoken highly of his sensitivity to the bike. 

This familiarity with Pedrosa was one reason Leitner signed Mika Kallio as a test rider. In an interview with MotoMatters earlier this year, Leitner explained that smaller riders, like Pedrosa and Kallio, have to have a better feeling for the bike, as they cannot compensate with their body weight for what the bike is doing.  Kallio "was already riding the bikes with a lot of technique," Leitner told me. "So most of these [smaller] riders have a very good feeling for a bike, a good understanding." Leitner and KTM will hope that Pedrosa's sensitivity to changes will help them push the project forward.

Of course, that is also a risk. Pedrosa has struggled this year to get heat into the Michelin tires, which has prevented him from being competitive at most tracks. KTM may have a little more say in which tires they request from Michelin, but it makes most sense that Pedrosa should try to develop the bike for the tires Michelin will be bringing to the race.

The role as test rider will almost certainly not include any wildcard appearances. At the Red Bull Ring this year, KTM's head of motorsports Pit Beirer told reporters that having Mika Kallio do so many wildcards had not had the positive effect they had hoped. "This was also not very positive for the project, because when the test team starts to think too much like a race team and they want to race, you find out at the test they just want to get ready for next weekend," Beirer said. "Like, the most stupid parts, that also need to be tested, they don’t do them because they focus on the race and then you start to drift away from the job of the test team. All these things we have to learn, being new in this class, so we will not see - maybe only one or no wild-cards from our test team in the future. That's already clear."

The move marks a remarkable departure for Dani Pedrosa, however. The Spaniard has been with Honda for his entire career, even before he entered Grand Prix racing. Moving to KTM means he will lose a role as brand ambassador for Honda, but by going to KTM, he will remain with Red Bull, who have also backed him throughout his career.

Below is the press release from KTM on Pedrosa's contract:

Red Bull KTM further enhance MotoGP future with two-year Dani Pedrosa contract

MotoGP Announcement

Red Bull KTM are thrilled to announce that Dani Pedrosa has agreed to fulfil an important role as test rider for the MotoGP line-up for 2019-2020. The three times champion and thirteen-season premier class veteran will work alongside Mika Kallio developing the KTM RC16 for what will be the motorcycle’s third year of Grand Prix competition.

Dani Pedrosa, who recently turned 33 and announced his retirement from MotoGP at the Grand Prix of Germany in July, will take his first steps as a test and development rider to support the Red Bull KTM project for the next two years.

Pit Beirer (Motorsports Director KTM Group): “To have a rider of Dani’s skill and experience as part of our MotoGP project is another strong sign that we are moving in the right direction and we are still pushing as hard as we can. We have seen how competitive MotoGP is this year and how fractions of a second can sometimes hide real progress and valuable lessons. We hope – and we are very excited – that Dani’s input alongside Mika Kallio and feeding into the two teams we’ll have on the grid next year will really help to close the gap even further. I think we can feel very optimistic about our possibilities for the upcoming seasons. I’d like to thank the whole crew at the factory, all the strong effort at the races and for all those testing miles as we come close to the end of our second year. Also to Dani: it is great that he believes and trusts in us and what we are doing.”

Mike Leitner (Team Manager MotoGP): “I’m super-happy that we could reach this agreement with Dani. Thanks to all his years and success in MotoGP I believe he will help our project in a big way and in developing the bike. Dani is a three time world champion and three time runner-up in this category and I know him well from the time working together. He is still very competitive and this can only benefit our MotoGP effort.”

The Spaniard boasts over 30 MotoGP wins (more than 50 in all classes), 3 world titles and has more than 110 MotoGP podium appearances. His presence and insight will bring an essential added benefit to the work done by Mika Kallio, who has been part of the MotoGP programme since the very beginning.

Pedrosa’s influence will be keenly felt as the factory will have four KTM RC16s on the grid for 2019 in the hands of Pol Espargaro and Johann Zarco in the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team and then Miguel Oliveira and Hafizh Syahrin for the Tech 3 squad.

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Lucas Mahias' Appeal Against Portimao Disqualification Upheld

Lucas Mahias has been reinstated as the winner of the WorldSSP race at Portimao. The Frenchman and the GRT Yamaha team had appealed to the Court of Arbitration For Sport after being disqualified for riding his bike back to the pits after the race had been red flagged following a crash.

Mahias had been deemed to cut the track, but the CAS upheld the appeal. The rules on how a rider must return to the pits after a red flag were sufficiently unclear that the penalty imposed was too severe. The CAS struck down the disqualification, and replaced the punishment with a fine.

Revoking the disqualification for Mahias also restores him as the winner of the Portimao round of WorldSSP. The Frenchman moves back up to third in the championship. But it also cuts into championship leader Sandro Cortese's lead, as he was demoted to sixth place in the results. Cortese leads Jules Cluzel by just 5 points in the championship. Cluzel can now win the championship by scoring 5 points over Cortese, as Cluzel has more wins during the season.

Below are press releases from the WorldSBK organizers and the FIM:

Mahias reinstated as winner in Portugal

Frenchman gets 25 points following appeal

Following the disqualification of Lucas Mahias (GRT Yamaha Official WorldSSP Team) from the Nolan Portuguese Round, it has been decided following an appeal to the CAS to partially reform the initial decision. This means Mahias will be reinstated as the winner of the ninth round of the FIM Supersport World Championship, after the appeal on the 24th October.

The decision now means Mahias has been awarded 25 championship points, moving him up into third overall in the world championship standings. But on top of this championship leader Sandro Cortese (Kallio Racing) now only leads by five points, as he was demoted by one position down to sixth in the Portimao race.

This change of standings results in a change in the title chase at the Pirelli Qatar Round, as a win in the race for second position rider Jules Cluzel (NRT) would see him secure the crown. Cortese and Cluzel would be joint on points, but Cluzel has won more races in 2019 and therefore would be made champion.

For more information, please see attached the FIM’s statement.


CAS hands down Award in case Mahias versus FIM

Following the Portuguese round of the FIM Supersport World Championship, Rider Lucas Mahias (FFM) appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against a decision taken by the FIM Stewards upholding his non-classification by the Race Direction in the Supersport race held at the Portimão circuit on 16 September 2018.

The Rider’s Legal Counsel requested an expedited procedure before the CAS, which the FIM accepted in the interests of a rapid resolution of the matter.

A hearing was held in Lugano on Monday 22 October 2018 before the CAS Sole Arbitrator Mr Michele Bernasconi, at which the FIM was represented by its Deputy CEO and Legal Director Mr Richard Perret.

The CAS handed down the operative part of its Award yesterday 24th October 2018 in which it partially upheld the Rider’s Appeal against the decision taken by the FIM Stewards on 16th September 2018, restoring his classification in the Portuguese round of the 2018 FIM Supersport World Championship and amending the results accordingly. The CAS partially reformed the Decision of the FIM Stewards by imposing a fine on Mr Mahias. Both parties will share legal costs. The FIM acknowledges the decision and is satisfied that the issue has been resolved without any disruption to the Championship round taking place in Doha this weekend.


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Provisional 2019 MotoGP Grid - 21 Riders Confirmed, Grid Almost Finalized

With the announcement that Takaaki Nakagami has signed for an extra year with the Idemitsu LCR Honda squad, the 2019 MotoGP grid is almost finalized. Nakagami's signing brings the total of confirmed riders up to 21 of the total of 22 entries.

The only rider left to be confirmed officially is Tito Rabat. The Spaniard's serious leg injury, sustained at Silverstone, has caused a delay, with his contract extension expected to have already come earlier. There is no doubt that Rabat will get the final seat, though it will probably have to wait until he is fit enough to return again.

Below is the official line up for 2019:

Team/Rider Bike Contract until
Movistar Yamaha
Valentino Rossi Yamaha M1 2020
Maverick Viñales Yamaha M1 2020
Repsol Honda
Jorge Lorenzo Honda RC213V 2020
Marc Márquez Honda RC213V 2020
Ecstar Suzuki
Alex Rins Suzuki GSX-RR 2020
Joan Mir Suzuki GSX-RR 2020
Gresini Aprilia
Aleix Espargaro Aprilia RS-GP 2020
Andrea Iannone Aprilia RS-GP 2020
KTM Factory
Johann Zarco KTM RC16 2020
Pol Espargaro KTM RC16 2020
Factory Ducati
Andrea Dovizioso Ducati GP19 2020
Danilo Petrucci Ducati GP19 2019
Satellite Teams
Pramac Ducati
Pecco Bagnaia Ducati GP18 2020
Jack Miller Ducati GP19 2019
LCR Honda
Cal Crutchlow Honda RC213V 2020
Taka Nakagami Honda RC213V 2019
Tech3 KTM
Miguel Oliveira KTM RC16 2019
Hafizh Syahrin KTM RC16 2019
Petronas SIC Team
Franco Morbidelli Yamaha M1 2019
Fabio Quartararo Yamaha M1 2019
Avintia Ducati
Tito Rabat? Ducati GP18 ?
Karel Abraham Ducati GP18 2020

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