World Superbike TV Coverage Expanding: Online Video Pass And BEINSport TV Coverage In US

World Superbikes will be easier to watch for fans around the world this year. The World Superbike series has announced that it is to make an online video pass available to fans this season, making it possible to watch WSBK races live on the website, or rewatch them at leisure. The update comes as part of revamping of the series website, bringing it closer inline to the website, now that the series is firmly in Dorna's hands.

The influence of Dorna is clear in the redesign. The layout has been adapted to echo the structure of the website, and the video player is now identical to the one used on the website. Using a single player, and Dorna's existing video infrastructue is what has made it possible for the World Superbike series to offer the online video streaming of races and archive of past videos. Though the announcement on the website is light on details, it promises live coverage of every weekend, including streaming of races, interviews with riders and 'exclusive video content'. It will likely feature a similar service to that of video subscribers, which includes an extremely comprehensive archive.

Two questions remain unanswered: what will the video pass cost, and where will it be available? The answer to the first question is completely unknown at the moment, though will have to make an announcement fairly shortly. It seems unlikely that it will be set at the same level as the video pass (€99.95 for the standard pass), given that the level of interest in WSBK is not the same as MotoGP. However, Dorna's past record on streaming video suggests that it will not be cheap.

Availability is also uncertain. The website only mentions that the service will not be available in all countries. Previously, World Superbikes representatives have explained that online streaming video was made complicated due to existing contracts with TV broadcasters, many of whom have also secured the rights to stream the video live on their websites. With Dorna's streaming infrastructure in place, streaming video is being handled differently as contracts come up for renewal. Such existing contracts mean that streaming video is unlikely to be available inside Europe, as Eurosport has its own online streaming package showing World Superbikes via the Eurosport Player. However, enquiries by the estimable Asphalt & Rubber website indicate that the pass will be available for fans in the US and Canada. More details will surely be announced soon, via the World Superbikes website.

US World Superbike fans will also be able to watch the series on TV. At least, they will if they have access to the oddly-capitalized beIN SPORTS channel in their cable package. Just as it did last year, the channel will be showing every World Superbike race live, both on TV and via their beIN SPORTS PLAY mobile app. Whether the races will be streamed on the beIN SPORTS website is as yet unclear.

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YES!, YES!, A thousand times YES!!! Can't help but (greedily) hope for archival access on par with the MotoGP site, but with or without, this is the second year in a row we in the U.S of A. have been dealt a godsend! First BeInSports, now this! Can't wait for the 2014 seasons to kick off. Now if only the AMA would get its' s!*t together (HA!! if!)

Fantastic news about the live stream/archive, any word on availability in Aust?

I'll be eagerly awaiting the announcement of the price for the WSBK package. And as for AMA, as a previous commentor mentioned, I'm pleased to see its' death appears to be drawing near. Let it die, and maybe Dorna or WERA or some other, less calamity-prone organization can start up a new, worthwhile series.

don't have BEINsport, but hopefully in the future Dorna can cut deal with a more mainstream broadcaster such as NBCsports or ESPN as they both seem to be giving motorsports alot of love as of late.

Was really hoping that the streaming component would be available in the US. I suppose a MotoGP/Superbike streaming bundle and/or Chromecast support would be too much to ask.

That would definitely be awesome for a dual MotoGP/WSBK streaming pass for us US viewers who have *always* had abysmal tv coverage (at least in the past decade). I'd pay ~$160 for both (as I pay about $120 for MotoGP now)

I remember back in 2007/8 when WSBK actually had free, after-the-race streaming of the races on their website.

Would cost me $20 a month since it's part of a larger channel package, so if it comes it at the same price as MotoGP or lower, I still end up ahead.

Damnit! YYYEEESSSSS!!!!!! I feel as if I just was taken away from a death by suffocation! Coverage sucks here in the US. Hopefully that can be available through Beinsport, or just through the WSBK site. I remember like коля1982 said back a few years when they showed races on their site for free. Hell, I remember before was and they showed there pixeled up motogp races. This is great news.

maybe they'll make it easy for us and offer a package deal for GP and WSBK
Can't even remember if I have beIN.
So glad Speed is gone, but I'm not real sure about FoxSports1.

Watched most of the WSBK races last year on BEIN Sports, had to pay for an upgrade to my existing DIRECT TV subscription, but compared to SPEED, like night and Day. There are no commercials once the race starts, so you see the entire race. They usually have a race related promo before the race begins either about the track, riders or past race results. Generally, they don't stick around for post race interviews with the podium finishers, but compared to the SPEED coverage, I'd take it any day. If your into watching World Superbike and Supersport races, its worth the extra peso's

not so long ago, in times of hannspree sponsorship WSBK site had free live stream and race archive!

And not just US, european coverage is qute poor too. Eurosport international rearley gets both races live, and there is absoolutley no programe to go wit the races. I coonsider my self blessed to be living near Italy, to be able to follow racing on italian tv networks. They re awsome.