MotoGP Surgery Update: Pedrosa And Hayden Have Metalwork Removed

With the MotoGP season now officially ended, riders are taking the opportunity to have various medical niggles sorted out ready for 2014. Last week, Dani Pedrosa had the metal plate removed from his right collarbone, and on Sunday, Nicky Hayden had a screw removed from his right wrist.

Pedrosa's surgery brings to a close a painful chapter in his life. The plate which has just been removed was inserted on his right collarbone after his clash with Marco Simoncelli at Le Mans in 2011. Pedrosa was reluctant to have surgery on his his right collarbone, as he was only just starting to recover from surgery on his left collarbone, which he had injured at Motegi in 2010. The operation to fix that injury had seen screws compress the artery leading down to his left arm, causing a loss of feeling during racing. The clash with Simoncelli took place just weeks after an operation to resolve the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome which had resulted from the previous injury.

With the plate in his right collarbone removed, Pedrosa will need two weeks of rest before starting physical rehabilitation. The recovery period should give his collarbone time to heal, and for bone growth to fill in the holes left by the screws, restoring his collarbone to full strength.

Over in the US, Nicky Hayden has had surgery to remove a screw holding together the scaphoid he injured in a crash at Valencia in 2011. Since that crash, Hayden had suffered irritation in his right wrist, his hand often swelling up quite badly. Hayden exacerbated the injury in 2012, when he crashed during qualifying at Indianapolis. With the swelling getting worse this year, Hayden decided to have the screw removed by Dr. Ting in California after this season. Surgery went well, and Hayden posted up pictures both before and after on his Instagram and Twitter pages.

Below is the press release issued by the Repsol Honda team after Pedrosa's surgery:

Dani Pedrosa discharged from hospital after successful collarbone operation

The Repsol Honda rider has left the Hospital Universitario Quirón Dexeus, where yesterday he had a plate and 13 screws removed from his right collarbone by Dr. Xavier Mir.

Following the conclusion of the 2013 season and the first days of testing with the 2014 prototype, Dani Pedrosa has used a brief break in his schedule to undergo surgery in Barcelona. The Repsol Honda rider was successfully operated on yesterday, in a procedure to remove osteosynthetic materials inserted onto his right collarbone in 2011. The surgery took place at the Universitario Quirón Dexeus Hospital, and was carried out by Dr. Xavier Mir, Director of the Microsurgery and Surgery department at the facility. After the removal of the metal plate and thirteen screws, Dani was today discharged from hospital. He will be inactive for two weeks, before beginning a functional recovery programme.

Dani Pedrosa

“I’ve undergone surgery to remove the plate and thirteen screws from my right collarbone operation in 2011, which I required as a result of the crash I had that season. We will have to wait a few days to see how everything develops and, above all, give it a little time. That’s why I chose this break in our schedule to undergo the operation. Now I need to rest up, but I can’t wait to be fully recovered soon”

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I'd be interested in knowing what the surgeons did to Nicky's wrist. A broken Scaphoid that needs a screw is most likely necrotic (dead, unable to heal). You cannot just remove the screw. Did they put a new one back in? Did they remove the scaphoid?

There are many things preventing me from being a MotoGP rider (lack of skill, willpower, and youth, etc) but somewhere near the top of the list is my unwillingness to have surgeries more frequently than my car has oil changes. Heck, I don't even like giving annual blood samples. These guys are made of something different.