Scott Jones Down Under: Phillip Island Photos, Part 1

Lorenzo came to Australia hoping to win big. He never knew just how big he would win

Stefan Bradl came, tried, and realized that a newly pinned ankle wouldn't hold up

Crowd pleaser

Jack Miller is killing it in Moto3, despite being handicapped by a dog-slow Honda

Luca Scassa is doing admirably as a replacement for Karel Abraham

Marc Marquez found out the hard way that grip was finite at Lukey Heights

Ready to rumble

Aleix Espargaro, King of the CRTs

Wrestlemania, Part I - Pedrosa vs RC213V

Wrestlemania, Part II - Crutchlow vs YZR-M1

Yamaha. Two wires. Two sensors. Just in case.

Over the edge of the world

Yonny Hernandez burying it on the brakes

Lukey Heights, the spot Valentino Rossi owned for years

Homeboy Damo Cudlin, stepping in to replace Hernandez at PBM

Owning track scooterage: the sidesaddle wheelie

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Yamaha sensor

Am I blind? I don't see two rear wheel rotation sensors on the Yamaha... I see one, and a brake hose..??

Total votes: 23


... that 2nd "wire" goes to a banjo bolt on the brake calliper.

Total votes: 24


....the one and only sensor wire (along the top) looks just as vulnerable and exposed as the Honda design BEFORE they decided to protect it !!!!
So.....WTF ????
(someone should give MM the heads up on JLo's weak point)

Total votes: 18

Love that last pic! lol

Love that last pic! lol

Total votes: 21

parade lap photos

wish there were some more photos of the parade lap of Casey, Wayne and Mick. ANyone know where i can find some??

Total votes: 24


Great shots!
Who's the guy sitting next Marquez? It looks like the spirit of SuperSic.

Total votes: 27

Sic hairdo

That's Santi Hernandez, Marc's crew chief.

Total votes: 24

That Rossi shot is far better

That Rossi shot is far better than most would give credit for.

Well done Scott. Great technique.

Total votes: 37

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