Dani Pedrosa Out Of Qualifying, Uncertain For Race After Highside At Sachsenring

Dani Pedrosa is in doubt for Sunday's race after suffering a major highside on Saturday morning at the Sachsenring. The Repsol Honda man entered the slow right hander at Turn 1 on his first full flying lap when the rear of the bike came round on him, flinging him a long way off the bike. Pedrosa fell heavily on his left shoulder - the shoulder he injured badly at Motegi in 2010, and then again at Le Mans in 2011, suffering complications until the end of the 2011 season. He got up holding his collarbone, and as rushed to the medical center.

Preliminary examinations showed no fractures, but as Pedrosa was about to undergo a second X-ray, he suffered a sudden loss in blood pressure, and it was not deemed safe to proceed. He was then flown to the local Chemnitz hospital, where he recovered sufficiently to undergo a CAT scan, which revealed a microfracture in his left collarbone, but no further injuries. Pedrosa has since returned to the track, where he is back in the medical center, but he will not take part in this afternoon's qualifying session. Just as Jorge Lorenzo did at Assen, Pedrosa will start from 12th on the grid, if he is able to race.

There is a question mark hanging over whether he will be able or be allowed to race. Along with the bang to his collarbone, Pedrosa took a very powerful blow to the head. He was being checked for a suspected concussion. He left the medical center to return to his motor home to rest. He appears not to have suffered a concussion.

Pedrosa's participation now rests on the decision of the circuit doctor, who will assess his situation in the morning. The medical staff at the Sachsenring are known to be strict, and have prevented riders from racing before. The most prominent example in recent years was Casey Stoner, who had a big crash in 2006, and was prevented from racing by the circuit doctor because he had suffered a concussion.

Pedrosa may speak to the press later today. More updates on his condition as they arrive.

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Listening on TV to Costa and Suppo. They both said he has a small new fracture but that should not prevent him to race.
It will be only his decision but not an easy one because after the crash his heart rate and pressure went down and took long time to come back to normal .... it was a big and scary blow.

I wish him all the best (and Lorenzo too).

Aleix Espargaro will win the championship this year if the front runners keep damaging themselves like this.

This is the most crash laden German Round I have ever seen. I know these guys are laying it on the line every weekend. But it seems to me that the tires are squirming a little more than normal. Too many people are having problems. Tomorrow is probably going to be a tense race whether they are racing each other or alone with gaps. With the way people are crashing, this race seems like it has a higher possibility of someone crashing out of the lead. Feel for Pedrosa and Lorenzo. Lorenzo seemed to have calmed from crashing before this year. Pedrosa....Pedrosa has had some spectacular crashes consistently until this year. This track was where he had his most spectacular crash while leading IMHO. So I am not surprised he crashed here.

Hope everyone heals soon.