2013 Qatar MotoGP Time Schedule: All The Times Over Four Days Of Practice

The return of the MotoGP series is being met with a warm welcome among racing fans around the world, but the fact that the season opener at Qatar is a night race is always cause for confusion. As a result of it being run at night, the race weekend is spread over four days instead of three, in order to fit all of the classes into the window between sunset and the potential onset of the dew, which can form in the evenings around 11pm, and make track conditions extremely treacherous.

To assist in planning your viewing - either via the live video feed on MotoGP.com or via your local broadcasters around the world - below is the time schedule for the coming four days of the MotoGP event. All times are in local time for Doha, Qatar. You can use the tools on www.timeanddate.com to convert the times below to your local time.

Thursday, 4th April
18:00-18:40 Moto3™ Free Practice 1
18:55-19:40 Moto2™ Free Practice 1
19:55-20:40 MotoGP™ Free Practice 1
20:55-21:35 Moto3™ Free Practice 2
21:50-22:35 Moto2™ Free Practice 2
Friday, 5th April
18:00-18:45 MotoGP Free Practice 2
19:00-19:40 Moto3 Free Practice 3
19:55-20:40 Moto2 Free Practice 3
20:55-21:40 MotoGP Free Practice 3
Saturday, 6th April
18:00-18:40 Moto3 Qualifying
18:55-19:40 Moto2 Qualifying
19:55-20:25 MotoGP Free Practice 4
20:35-20:50 MotoGP Qualifying 1
21:00-21:15 MotoGP Qualifying 2
21:40-22:00 Moto3 Warm Up
22:15-22:35 Moto2 Warm Up
Sunday, 7th April
18:00-18:20 MotoGP Warm Up
19:00 Moto3 Race (18 laps)
20:20 Moto2 Race (20 laps)
22:00 MotoGP Race (22 laps)


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Or you could just click the time conversion link on the MotoGP.com schedule box. Of course, I suppose you'd need to be registered and logged in for it to work.

Calendar, Schedules, Results, Statistics, are all public info on their site.

The current event schedule (on the front page) always provides a local time converter: the 'Showing race/your local time' link.

However, even the full calendar has each schedule and a 'Convert to my local time' function.

Another winter of discontent behind us and the first season in a long while that I cannot wait for it to start!

Whether a Diest, Agnostic, Atheist, or a religous, a quick wish or prayer to keep all our riders safe and out of harms way while they battle for their place in history would surely be appreciated by them.

Go Get 'Em Guys!!!!