2013 MotoGP Austin Test Day 1 Test Times Lunchtime: Getting to Grips

On a breezy morning in Austin, riders logged tentative laps to get a feel for the layout at Circuit of the Americas. Until the sun does more work to counteract the brisk wind, the morning track has been slippery.  The riders all seem guardedly positive about the track.  Comments range from Jorge's "all the track is tricky" to Marquez's note that the post T1 series of flip-flops are quite challenging. Pedrosa reserved commentary on the layout until he gets more time on a warmer track.



Pos No. Rider Bike Time Diff Prev.
1 93 Marc Marquez Honda 02:08.651 00.000  
2 46 Valentino Rossi Yamaha 02:09.362 00.711 00.711
3 99 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha 02:09.817 01.166 00.455
4 26 Dani Pedrosa Honda 02:11.445 02.794 01.628
5 6 Stefan Bradl Honda 02:14.705 06.054 03.260


It is just after lunch, and Rossi is already out again to extend upon his session-high 23 laps.

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Not trying to bag on this site...but superbikeplanet have been posting since early today. They have a few pit photos up. Sounds like Blake Young had an off and the APR crt bike caught on fire.

What is the point of your comment? superbikeplanet is U.S. based and is most likely on scene. I dont want to speak for MM but, they probably got their info from superbikeplanet or another media source at the track. This is normal in all forms of media. A trip to Austin, which MM will most likely be at in a months time anyway may not have been in the budget to cover a private test. Do you not see this logic?

I see that now. Dean Adams incessantly bags on Valentino Rossi but today is trying to be all cozy and buddy up. He is a hypocrite and often steals information from David Emmett and every other journalist without citing the source. In the states we call it cutandpaste.com

Hahahaha! funny... but no need to start a blog war. Both are fine sites with different perspectives. As it applies to plagiarism, maybe, maybe not. Sometimes it is difficult to not wind up with the same result when covering the same stories. Obviously if its word for word, thats a problem. Each site and writers from both have their own styles, I don't see many similarities. Self interjection when reporting always strikes me as a little unprofessional though, see Suzi Perry

First up: superbikeplanet.com and Dean Adams have been my inspiration for many years. I don't always agree with what they say or what they do, but Dean is passionate, and loves the sport.

Secondly, Andrew Elder - the author of this piece - is on the scene in Austin, and reporting for MotoMatters.com. I am currently in Spain, ahead of the final test at Jerez. I cannot tell you how happy I am that Andrew is doing this for me, he is doing a fantastic job.

I I like Soup, have Tee Shirts and bought their awesome stenciled prints to prove it, but it does seem to lag other sites (MM, GPone) regarding "news" with the exception of Ben Spies' announcement about leaving Yamaha.

no reason why it should be a terrific circuit for bikes. Hopefully they'll find ideal conditions to push and get indicative lap times asap.

Anyone who doesn't think seeing MM93's name at the top at any time during any test with the likes of VR46, JL99 and DP26 on the same track is an amazing feat is missing the boat.

Holy run-on sentence huh?

MM up top by a significant margin - That's really cool to see a young guy come in and dominate like he's doing pre-season. Racing is between the ears and he has that portion covered and locked.

Vr46 - Ahead of Jorge and danni. You can say they're testing and not concerned with top times, but that's bollocks. They're testing AND ALWAYS GOING FOR TOP TIMES. It's a mental move for racers

Bradl - why so far behind for Bradl? He must genuinely be working on some kind of a set up.

I was lucky enough to get a private tour of the track. There are two corners - turn 1 and 10(i believe) that are at the top of a heavy incline that drops right off after apex, right when the bike is lightest, it's also most leaned over. it will be interesting to see how the GP paddock adjusts to this.

Jorge and Dani sat out for a lot of the morning session. Vale went out came in sat then went back out. Apparently the track temperature was really low and the surface didn't have a lot of grip. Its only the morning session at least wait until the end of the first day when the eggs have hatched before we count out chickens.

Updated Times @ 4:30pm

1. Pedrosa (Honda) 2'05 "375
2. Marc Marquez (Honda) 2'05 .440
3. Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha) 2'06 .266
4. Stefan Bradl (Honda) 2'06 .534
5. Valentino Rossi (Yamaha) 2'07 .190

BTW I still don't think these results mean much.

These laps were up to Lunch times. It's been cool in the mornings in Texas. Wake up.

It's a shame they won't be racing in August or September. They'd soon learn what Hot is compared to what they call hot in Europe or Malaysia.

Keen to find out what the times were later in the day.

Dean Adams has a great site vs say........MCN that claptrap site of fools.

To say I am excited to see the race in person after a long ride with 7 friends is beyond understatement.

Soup and this site are my 2 sources. Both are good, can't say enough about either. Some don't like Dean Adams, I don't have the personal experience with him that some have. I sent him some pics of Spencer and KRSR and Rainey and Lawson etc from the early 80's at Laguna Seca and he posted them, I got 10 seconds of fame, so he's ok in my book. He is also an entertaining writer, there's some personal stuff on there I found very entertaining. These are both excellent IMO.


David, I hope I am not sinning against your wonderful site in posting these.

The sites are different as night and day but I devour them both daily.