Lucio Cecchinello Looking to Expand to Two-Man Team for 2014

Lucio Cecchinello is looking to expand his LCR Honda team from a one- to a two-man team, according to reports over on The Italian team manager is considering adding a second rider to race alongside Stefan Bradl for the 2014 season onwards.

While Bradl will remain on the team's factory-supported Honda RC213V, LCR's second rider would ride the production version to be sold by Honda from 2014 at a cost of 1 million euros. According GPOne, Cecchinello has calculated that it would cost him between 1.6 and 1.8 million euros to run the second bike, a total which includes the production RC213V, and the seven people required to run it (one crew chief, one data engineer, four mechanics and a tire engineer).

The question of who would ride it is more complex. Cecchinello has been highly successful in raising sponsorship for his LCR Honda team, in part due to his ability to innovate, as with the LCR Inspire e-magazine. The Italian team manager has some very strong interest from Asia, according to, but that sponsorship interest would demand an Asian rider to race the bike. While the Asian presence is growing in MotoGP, the riders currently in the series are not yet ready for MotoGP. The most promising of the current bunch is Zulfahmi Khairuddin, but the Malaysian will be spending another season in Moto3 for 2013, aboard the Red Bull KTM, and needs another couple of seasons before he is ready to step up to the premier class. The two Indonesian riders in Moto2, Rafid Topan Sucipto is in his rookie year, while Doni Tata Pradita has been out of the world championship paddock for a number of years now. Japanese rider Takaaki Nakagami could be an option - he is likely to be acceptable to Honda - but whether a Japanese rider would be acceptable to a South-East Asian sponsor remains to be seen.

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Would not be surprised to hear about other teams making announcements after finding out about the new lease prices. I bet many have been waiting to hear the numbers before they commit to anything.

1 million € for a bike and a total cost of 1.6 million €.

Some advanced mathematics suggests that he will not get two bikes then. Is he going to attempt to race in MotoGP with a single bike, or does "bike" imply 2 chassis and a crate of engines, or is there a 1-bike rule whose introduction I missed?

Admittedly, if Honda will sell a "bike" for 1 million and Yamaha want 800k just for the engines, a complete rolling chassis is implicitly valued at either 100k or 200k (depending if Honda supply 1 or 2). What does a CRT rolling chassis go for?

It may be worth remembering that since the Hondas will be sold, not leased, a team will be able to run the bike for several seasons, getting more mileage for their money (literally), and they will be able to sell it at any point, thus recovering part of the investment--neither of which will be possible with the Yamaha engines, which will be leased and therefore will have to be returned at the end of the season. Purchasing a customer Honda would seem to make more economic sense than leasing a Yamaha engine--in principle at least.

So it's actually 500K Euros for a single Honda-built production MotoGP bike? That sounds like a SCREAMING deal ...

Ever the cynic, I've gotta wonder what the spec on that is actually going to be.

The price is irrelevant. You still can't buy one! Honda have said they will supply bikes to five teams, at a cost of 1 million euros a season. At the end of the season, that team will get to keep the bikes, though I understand that the general idea is that Honda will sell you a kit to upgrade to next year's bike at a reduced price.

Comparing the price of a racing motorcycle and the price of a road bike is hard to do. Basically, for road bikes, the bike you see in a showroom is what you get to take home. When you buy a racing bike, you get a lot more than just the bike itself.

OK, THAT's even clearer. It's not a direct purchase of a vehicle, but a supply deal that ends with ownership. I think the last detail is, at the end of the year, does the team get to keep one or two bikes?

And I'm glad I can't buy one. I can pull down the eBay auction for my kidney, and the dog doesn't have to get an acting job.


that sponsors are queuing up somewhere.

Also interesting that the additional cost of putting a team around a second rider/bike is about 500k. I wonder what the Bradl bike costs to put out - presumably a multiple of that number if a 'simple' bike and crew cost that much once you have the rest of the infrastructure etc in place.

You never know until you ask! Speaking of Stoner is this article ever going to happen?

"The end of Casey Stoner's career in MotoGP and Valentino Rossi's time at Ducati - both having fitting ends, Stoner on the podium and Rossi circulating invisibly in mid-pack - need much, much more space and time devoted to them than I have right now"


First rule is to beat your teamate the rest depends almost entirely on how good your bike is these days.... I still haven't figured out how Honda lost the title given the huge technical advantage they had despite the talk dani underachieved given the bike and casey could only match or beat dani at his usual tracks. Call me sentimentall but I'll always prefer Rossi coming from miles behind to win back to back titles without either rider changing manufacturer. Over casey going to Honda and Rossi to Ducati for casey to win just one title back, just more romantic and of course considerably harder to achieve.