Scott Jones Down Under: Friday Photos From Phillip Island

Two more races, and it's over

Two more races and it's over. Pedrosa willing.

The Mack is back, and he's all too familiar with the taste of humble pie

Birds of a feather?

Pol Espargaro has been taking lessons from Casey Stoner, he's that much faster round the Island

The racetrack at the edge of the world

Ant West said he had gained some confidence after his podium in Malaysia. That confidence was worth a second or so

Stoner's astonishing speed belies just how quick Dani Pedrosa is in Australia

Where is everybody?

Two more races, and it's over. Unfortunately.

Marc Marquez, showing he has the moves to shine on the Repsol Honda next year

The duel Bradl-Marquez is going to be one to watch. Bradl has impressed in his rookie season

Alvaro Bautista, back next year

Phillip Island truly is a unique racetrack

Work to do for Ramon Forcada, but Lorenzo need only keep close to Pedrosa

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Wow! Is Casey's front wheel off the ground in the 'Birds of a Feather' pic?

There doesn't appear to be a shadow on the ground where the front would contact the ground. Either it's a lighting enigma or his front tire is off the ground.

What looks like the front tyre is part of the lower bodywork - Stoners front wheel is directly in line with the rear wheel in relation to Scott's position.

Awesome work as always, Scott - and the usual excellent captioning as well :)

I thought it was his front off the ground, but it turns out it's a deceptive view of his front fairing as someone pointed on out Twitter. Comparing photos of other riders at the same spot, I found that same shape shows up in the same place while their front tires are clearly visible. Disappointing!