Maverick Vinales To Return With Team At Phillip Island

Maverick Viñales is to race in Australia with the Avintia Blusens team in Moto3. The young Spaniard has had to go back on his decision to quit the team before the end of the season, a decision taken very abruptly before the Sepang round of Moto3.

The El matí de Catalunya Ràdio radio program announced this morning that after taking advice from his lawyers, Viñales has decided to fly to Australia to be reunited with the team he left. Viñales is schedule to fly out to Australian on Thursday, and will be accompanied by his father and his lawyer.

The decision appears to indicate that Viñales has been counseled that breaking his contract before the end of the season was an unwise move, and that it would be better to see out the rest of the season with his current team, before trying to negotiate a graceful exit after the season is over. Viñales made some strong accusations against the team when he announced his decision to leave at Sepang, and there will be several fences to mend once the young Spaniard arrives in Australia. Returning to the team in Australia at least puts Viñales in a stronger position to negotiate for next season, and will reassure team managers interested in the Spaniard that he is not the loose cannon that his behavior in Malaysia made them fear.

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from the internet distance? Maybe there is a lot wrong in the team that we haven't heard of.

Quitting the team in haste would do nothing positive for him, losing a ride, being contracted to a team so as to preclude him from getting other rides, no leverage to work with, bad relations with major sponsors and manufacturers to boot.

Glad to see some sense prevail here finally

He took advice from his lawyers AFTER he quit and burned his bridges???


The lovefest at the Moto3 Avintia Blusens garage is going to be epic. Don't forget your pacifiers, water bottles and glowsticks.