Hector Barbera Out Of Indy After Fracturing Vertebrae, In Doubt For Brno

Hector Barbera will be forced to miss the Red Bull Indianapolis GP, after suffering a back injury during the morning session of free practice for the MotoGP class. Barbera suffered a nasty highside at Turn 16, his rear wheel appearing to catch on a section of track which appeared still to be dirty, and in the ensuing crash, Barbera landed on his neck and fractured three dorsal vertebrae, D5, D6 and D8. He was taken to the local Indianapolis Methodist Hospital, and has been ruled unfit to race.

Toni Elias, who was already on hand in case Barbera proved not to be fit enough to ride due to the leg he broke in a motocross accident after Mugello. Barbera was making a return to the track just 29 days after surgery to pin the tibia and fibula, and had impressed a lot of people by choosing to ride. Unfortunately, this crash adds another, unrelated injury, and means that Barbera is likely to miss the Brno round the week after Indy, according to Catalunya Radio's Damià Aguilar. Elias will also stand in for Barbera in the Czech Republic.

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But seriously... there's just too much pressure on these guys to return quickly. The shortage of proper bikes on the grid these days leaves these guys in a position where a bad season, or even a few bad races at the wrong point in the season can spell the end of their career in the top class.

Best wishes to Hector on a speedy recovery... I wonder if Dovi is the least excited person to be getting back on a factory bike. Granted this wasn't the front letting go this time around, but damn if the Duc riders dont have the most spills on an average weekend..

It was always like this. Do you remember Doohan? Half crippled ... did not stop him to go on the bike and ride. Right or wrong, that is what they want to do. I don´t feel sorry for them when they decide to go and ride. Only thing that comes into my mind is the word: respect!


Were those two guys hoisting him onto the stretcher by the arms and legs really "Medical Personnel" as their shirts seemed to indicate?

A guy falls off a racing motorcycle and lands on his head (you can see the top of the helmet turn white as it gets ground into the tarmac) and they don't even think of the possibility he has spinal injuries?

I'm disgusted with the way the riders are manhandled. Especially at what is supposed to be the world's premier motorcycle racing level! If they don't get up on their own there's something obviously wrong. You don't just toss them on a stretcher and haul them away.

Also, I'd like to point out that this doesn't only happen in certain parts of the world...

Hoping he makes a quick recovery to full health, or at least as well as can be after breaking his back twice (that I'm aware of).

That is an absolute disgrace. Questions need to be asked about that, by the organizers for one and, failing that (no doubt they will say and do nothing) by the paddock journos.

I agree, what an absolute disgrace. Rough handling like that could worsen an injury and leave the guy in a wheelchair for life. Some countries are better that others. The standard needs to be equally high everywhere. No-one with even a modicum of knowledge about first aid would do that.

Hector must still be carrying injury in his leg, look at the way theiy're holding him.

Is how I would describe the way the Hector Barbera was handled. Do they not train Marshals at MotoGP level?

Being heavily involved in the IoM TT and Manx Grand Prix, I can state that with minimum manning levels of 600 Marshals, not one of them would consider carrying ANY fallen rider like that! He would be stabilised, helmet safely removed and a collar fitted. He would then be loaded onto a scoop stretcher in the correct manner.
And that is done on a live ROAD racetrack, not under a red flag with no other machines in sight!

I hope that no further damage was caused during this appalling peice of Marshalling.

It seems that this is not uncommon as I have seen similar treatment of casualties at other MotoGP meetings, they need to get their act together before someone is seriously compromised!

Indianapolis has some of the best orthopedic and surgical facilities in the nation. Generally they are used to lower limb and brain injuries. But many of the doctors at methodist are also professors of medicine.
At least there is one benefit to Indy as a venue.

After the driest recorded summer in Indy, we were treated to the most rain I've seen in a day--the day before the gp started. Figures.