2012 Donington Park WSBK Photos By Jared Earle


Tom Sykes has been the revelation of 2012

Chaz Davies' progress has been slow on the Aprilia. But it's been progress

Can we lift it? Yes we can!

Jules Cluzel has taken to World Supersport like a duck to water

Max Biaggi's Aprilia RSV4 waits for the boss

Putting his mouth where his money comes from. Johnny Rea has been a Red Bull guy for a long time

Sam Lowes' first win had been a long time coming. And it shows

Italian geometry lessons inevitably involve motorcycle racing paraphernalia

Fear the #66

Kuba Smrz, up the inside

Spot a T-Cut and she should polish up just fine

Marco Melandri made history for BMW at Donington, taking the marque's first win

Leon Camier attempts to bottom his forks out

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David, are you considering retiring because Jared can write well AND take good photographs? ;o)

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Really nice shots there Jared.

Scott is also a good writer. We are lucky to have a wealth of talent on this site.

Total votes: 10

Great captions and pics Jared, love the 'Jonathan Rea'!

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Wow absolutely beautiful pics, the resolution and colour are amazing (I wonder what camera is used?)

Although the Rea caption should have been, "maybe time to stop drinking a litre of this stuff before the race?" ;)

Total votes: 8

For that weekend, I borrowed a Canon 5D MkII with an f2.8 24-70 and rented an f4 70-300mm L-series lens (pretty much locked to f8). The colours are a bit punchier than usual probably because I shoot in Raw, unlike practically all other photographers - even those who are vastly better than I am - and use Aperture to process them, which lets me bring the colour up.

The right camera for me would actually be a Canon 7D for track shots, but anything over a certain standard, with rented lenses, will do.


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have you ever done an HDR racing pic?

Total votes: 9

No, I have not. The reason for this is that you need at least three exposures to make a proper HDR image and bikes move too fast to capture three identical frames. I could, of course, convert a Raw image to 16-bit and tone-map it for that HDR look, but it wouldn't be real HDR.

For everyone confused about what HDR and Tone Mapping are, here's a tutorial I wrote a few years ago. http://23x.net/7/beginners-guide-to-hdr.html

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Jared, great pics. If you want help with Canon gear, drop me a line. Am manager of a Pro Canon supplier. We just put a couple of 5D Mk III's into rental as well as some new Mk II long lenses. Being a bike fan , will give you a massive break on rental (as long as you are trustworthy!)...

Total votes: 13

If I can figure out how to get in touch with you, I'll definitely take you up on that. I'm @jearle on Twitter, if that helps.

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Nice shots, Jared. I especially like the one of the tires. Good eye to notice that!


Total votes: 9

I appreciate that a lot, coming from you. :)

Total votes: 10


Nice work..... enjoyed the photos ..Regards from Australia......Peter.

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