Scott Jones' Estoril Adventure: Friday Photos

The fourth alien? Tests for extraterrestrial DNA are inconclusive, but the signs are strong

Ben Spies' crew found the Texan's mojo again. It was right where they left it

One fast Australian

Beware of traffic merging from left

It was Jorge Lorenzo's birthday on Friday. He wanted a fast bike, his team gave him a framed poster instead

Miguel Oliveira is Portuguese, and he wants to win Moto3 at Estoril so bad he can taste it

Fastest Ducati, yet again. Take a bow, Mr Hayden

Moto3, Honda, Suter-style

Atlantic skies

With Marquez winning, there is much talk of the rookie rule in MotoGP

Welcome to Portugal

The spring is such a perfect time for motorcycle racing

Scott Redding. The Kalex suits him

The troublesome end of Valentino Rossi's Ducati

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I thought it takes time to be certified as an alien, or even to mentioned in the same sentence. I guess not today in the fast moving world.

Heh, I thought the same when reading it. Last year "aliens" were the guys who managed to win a dry race on an 800cc bike. That's not possible anymore. But lowering the standards so that riders without a podium finish qualify for it? Meh...

I try to make the captions a little entertaining, rather than strictly factual. I wouldn't read too much into the captions I use on photos...

wouldnt that be 'fifth' alien or has rossi's crown well and truly slipped now haha!
i couldn't take that status away from lorenzo, pedrosa or stoner on current form...

and I was just commenting my lack of approval for that particular caption ;)

Still love the pics and find most of the captions entertaining. I'm not your wife, so you don't have to take much care of my criticism, haha.

edit: dang, this one was supposed to be in reply to David's reply earlier.

Would be great to have Scott show comparison shots of Marquez and Stoner at the same spot in a corner - their styles are so similar it's eerie.. and Scott's photos are so damn good.