2012 Phillip Island World Superbike Photos By Andrew Gosling: Supers Hit The Island

New colors and a bike that fits him better for Leon Camier in 2012

The last ever 250cc World Champion: Hiroshi Aoyama makes it to World Superbikes

One-sided rear wheels: always a thing of beauty

Having 6kg added to his bike has not slowed the champion down

A country for old men

Not much sponsorship on the Hondas, but the bikes look all the better for it

The single bike rule has made for more work for mechanics

No, not Nicky's. Ondrej's.

The new kid done good. Jules Cluzel came within a whisker of a podium on his first time out in WSS

Bryan Staring impressed at Phillip Island, replacing the injured Leandro Mercado

Lukas Pesek, giving it some style

Fill 'er up! Luckily, proposals last year to limit fuel in WSBK were rejected

Two banged-up hands didn't stop Eugene Laverty from scoring points on his debut

This is the view which Davide Giugliano is hoping his competitors will get to see a lot of this season

Honda CBR1000RR, up close and personal

Photos courtesy of Andrew Gosling of TBGSport. If you'd like to have desktop-sized versions of the photos on the site, you can become a site supporter and take out a subscription. If you'd like a print of one of the shots from Phillip Island, please send Andrew an email and he'll be happy to help.

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Is there usually a link I'm missing to go from this post to the Subscriber level photo post? I tend to end up on these posts and then I have to try search terms such as Subscriber to find the big photos. I'm thinking there might be something simpler that I'm missing. Thanks!

but it's just there on the thread, when pictures are posted 2 threads appear, one with standard pictures and the other with desktop pictures for site supporters.
Just go back to the website homepage, you can't miss it they're always next to each other!

As Frenchie said, I post two photo stories simultaneously, one ordinary and one with the larger, desktop-sized photos, so you can find them both together if you are logged in.

There are also other ways to access the subscriber photos. First of all, if you go to the menu bar at the top of the page, you will see the entry Features. If you hover over that, the drop-down menu should appear containing a link to the subscriber content.

Alternatively, you could bookmark this link: http://motomatters.com/subscriber which will take you to all of the subscriber content on the site.