Jerez Test Photos, Part 2 - More From The Aprilia, And Some Riders Too

Bradley Smith and Tom Jojic got Guy Coulon's handiwork up to speed, improving by nearly a second over the three days of the test

They're pretty handy with aluminium in Buckingham

All of the Suter Moto2 teams now have the 2012 swingarm

Duct tape? Exhaust butterfly valve? Mystery surrounded the Aprilia RSV4 at Jerez

Not as mysterious as the Aprilia, but there were plenty of questions to ask about the Ducati too

Gino Rea hasn't got a contract for 2012 yet, but he spends all his time in the Gresini garage

Fat pipes and fat Bridgestones: a new world for Aprilia

Under the fairings of the BMW Suter

We've seen his face before: Ivan Silva returns to MotoGP after an absence of 5 years

Plenty to see for the attentive eye

Riders. Incorrigible.

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Hmmm, I wonder if placement of the exhaust so close to the wheel helps heat up the tire temperature :P

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In the second to last pic, theres a large plate with a lot of bolts in it under the subframe (above the heel plate and exhaust sensor in the pic.)
Looks like a lot of bolts for a simple blanking plate and the plate looks to be very thick. Am I correct in thinking its the bottom of the fuel tank? That area is covered in on the WSBK RSV4, seems low down to me, they normally that low on GP bikes?

The exhaust valve is an interesting one as well, first thing many ditch in the transformation from road to race bike and now Akrapovic and Aprilia are bringing them back. Seems odd to have a device that boosts midrange on a machine that would presumably be chasing top end power.

An interesting bike and good to see them in their development stages like this, as you say, a lot to see.

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True re the exhaust valve, unless of course the pipe diameter has increased and this is an attempt to retain driveability.

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I think the plate and bolts are the fuel pump mount.

Total votes: 144

Any chance all the duct tape on the Aprilia is just securing a bunch of stress gauges. I'm not sure whether it is done, but given Aprilia claimed to be testing the forces on the chassis...

Total votes: 157

Although it would be hiding rather than securing: a stress gauge has to be directly attached to the metal to work.

Given they used the whole roll, though...

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The entire chassis is built from duct tape?

Total votes: 168

Actually, I hear duct tape frames are a cost saving method we are looking at for 2013.

Total votes: 141

the list price of a roll of HRC duct-tape, have you...?

Total votes: 160

Interesting that in that shot of the Aprilia it actually has a Pirelli on it - did they compare these back to back with the Bridgestone's?

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