Sepang MotoGP Race Canceled After Horrific Crash Involving Marco Simoncelli

The MotoGP race at Sepang has been canceled, after a horrific crash on lap 2 saw Marco Simoncelli very seriously injured. Simoncelli lost the rear of his Honda RC212V at Turn 11, and he and his bike were struck by Colin Edwards as he followed the Italian. The blow was forceful enough that it knocked Simoncelli's helmet from his head. The race was immediately red-flagged, and Simoncelli was transported to the medical center.

Because of the ongoing treatment that Simoncelli was receiving at the medical center, the decision was taken to cancel the race. The official reason was that with the medical center concentrating on treating Simoncelli, there were not enough resources to continue the race safely.


It was later announced that at 4:56pm local time, Simoncelli had died from the injuries sustained in the crash. Our thoughts go out to his family, friends and team.

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Very very sad news and my thoughts are with your family and friends.

I am too sad to comment on a loss of such a nice man. And I cannot immagine how his family is right now, the faces on telly of his team and the commentators are already enough.

It was also another great occasion to show the true face of Dorna:
Their first concern few seconds after is just to protect their copyright. MotoGP is slowly sinking (hopefully it will recover). Their moral integrity had long a go.

It seems very frivolous to be talking about any kind of corporate concerns at a time like this, but I'm not sure it's such a bad move that they're blocking those YouTube videos. I noticed in the BBC coverage that they did not show the entire crash. I had been out of the house today, and looked up the crash online to see just what had happened, it turned out to be a full slow-mo replay - I really did not need to see that. It is a horrific accident.

In some instances like this, not continually showing replays seems more like an act of respect and consideration for friends, family and everyone involved.