Pedrosa Has Yet More Surgery On Broken Collarbone

The collarbone that Dani Pedrosa broke at Le Mans continues to plague him. The Repsol Honda Team today announced that Pedrosa has entered hospital this afternoon for further surgery on his injured collarbone. According to the press release, the surgery is to fix a fragment of bone that has shifted and pin it back in place.

The surgery is sure to fuel further the fires of speculation that surrounds Pedrosa and his injury. Though it is entirely plausible that a bone fragment moved during rehabilitation, it is equally plausible that something happened to cause the fragment to shift. Rumors in the Spanish press - denied by HRC - continue that Pedrosa was injured in a training accident, some sources saying the accident involved crashing while riding a supermoto bike. Such rumors are incredibly hard to verify, with only people inside Pedrosa's closest circle knowing the exact truth of what happened.

A new press release is expected this afternoon, with news of Pedrosa's surgery. The outcome of that will determine whether Pedrosa rides at Assen or not a week on Saturday. The current press release is shown below, the new one will be published as soon as it is available.

Pedrosa receives further surgery to collarbone injury

This afternoon in Barcelona, Dani Pedrosa will receive new surgery to the right collarbone that was broken in the GP of France.

During the rehabilitation process in the past weeks a very small fragment of bone moved, therefore to aid faster healing, doctors will proceed to fix this fragment.

More details to follow after the surgery later today.

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Why should Pedrosa have ridden a supermoto while recovering from an injury? How should this help in the recovery process?
If he would have been out of racing for several months, then ok, i could imagine that getting on a bike would help him. But this makes no sense at all in my opinion.
Rossi injured his shoulder in a motocross accident, but he was riding for fun (not profit). I just can't imagine Pedrosa would take such a risk just a few days after breaking his collarbone.

These guys ride motocross and supermoto bikes to keep their sense of speed and feel for motorcycles when they're not at the track. Given how hard they push those bikes, it's a little strange to see just how little time they actually spend on board the MotoGP bikes.

Why? Always the question I get from my wife when I stagger home in the early hours .... oh sorry; wrong thread Hahaha!! Riders breaking bones, injuring themselves during training on motocross bikes, or recreational activities is certainly not new. Rossi did the same in early 2010, as far back as 2005 Troy Bayliss broke a wrist doing some dirt bike practice - that was the opening for Chris Vermuelen on the Camel Honda that helped kickstart his MotoGp career. I think that is about the only good story to come out of training injuries in a very long time. I have a distant memory of Gregg Hansford breaking a wrist falling off a trampoline practicing "how to fall". Matt Mladin broke an ankle and a foot in an ultrlight crash. Why indeed?

So not only has he broken both collarbones through no fault of his own whatsoever, now he needs two lots of surgery to fix them each time!

Only a fool (and plenty have) would suggest no dirt training at all David. I think GSX750f is referring to the fact that to train on any bike with a fragile and healing bone would be a highly unlikely thing for any rider to do when trying to make a race only a week or two away.

Dani Pedrosa has made his own luck. Le Mans was not his fault, but throughout his MotoGP career he has been his own worst enemy. Don't pretend like its all been out of his hands, cause besides Motegi(?) last year and Simo this year, he's made his own luck. I've said it before and I'll say it again; Dani Pedrosa has been the single biggest disappointment in MotoGP since he came up in 2006. Period.

Considering he is #4 on current rider the win list it seems that there are several factory riders and everyone else behind him whose results are more 'disappointing'.

He does seem injury prone and is not on luck's good side but Rossi seems to soak up any and all good luck that is floating around leaving slim pickings for everyone else.


The man has never been out of the top three in the premier class during the 800 era - one of the most competitive era's ever, has won multiple races every year since 2002 and you're labeling him a disappointment?

Oh that's right it's all Alberto Puig's fault. If only Pedrosa got rid of him he'd be a mutli champion in MotoGP. Or perhaps he should learn how to fall without breaking bones? Or should he grow another 15cm so he can be better on the brakes?

There seems to be a few on the various forums who operate under some misapprehension that the entire field should be crossing the finishing line within a nano second of each other and all winning simultaneously. There's going to be winners and losers. Sometimes even the winners (like Dani, or even Vale) end up being the losers. This is the reality of life.

I wonder if Dani aggravated his injury while doing something silly.
Why else would HRC be making such a big secret of it?

Hmm, maybe it wasn't something silly but something illegal.
What if Dani crashed while secretly testing the RC213V?

Oooh, I'm going to run with this one.

Alberto Puig can't stand it that Casey has stolen Dani's limelight.
So he pulls some strings and arranges a secret test for Dani.
But it all blows up when Dani aggravates his injury.
Now HRC have to keep it secret.
That's why they refuse to provide any details.

Ha ha, I guess I'm the silly one.
But it's fun to be silly some times.

Guys there is good news for riders ( every one with mutible breaks in the bone)
Scientist and Doctors have been working of ways to stop having to give Bone grafts
The new repair system makes the body do all the hard work and it repairs better then a bone graft or pins (well it needs small pins to hold the bone in place for 6 weeks. this should be on the market in 2 years. ( the tech comes from motorcycles helmets!!!)

I agree with Patcasp that Pedrosa has been MotoGP's biggest disappointment (especially to Honda) considering his potential & surrounding hype.

While Nostodamus might believe finishing top 3 (5th in '06) since '07 is impressive, I doubt HRC, Repsol & his fans are equally enamored. If you look deeper, his closest to the championship year was '09 where he finished 3rd 79 points out. Yes, he was 2nd last year but 138 points down.

More germane to the topic of this story he has been injured every year since '07 either before or during the season effectively putting paid to any championship pretentions.

and remain impressed by his results for the very reason you state - every one of his MotoGP years have been wracked with injury.

I think the jury is still out on Pedrosa's status. There is no denying that, despite some uninformed critics of MotoGP, the four aliens and maybe a couple of others are the hottest group of talent in MotoGP for twenty years. Pedrosa has been a works Honda rider since 2006, and the 800 Honda was supposedly designed for him. So with Stoner in his first year as a works Honda rider, and therefore needing to learn how to get the best out the Honda and his new team, this was the year that Pedrosa needed to establish his credentials, beat Stoner and win the world championship. Unfortunately, due to injury from a relatively minor crash it looks like Pedrosa has missed his chance. MotoGP is a sporting activity requiring great physical fitness, and a person's physical make-up is part of what makes them competitive. Pedrosa's susceptibility to injury is his major weakness as a rider. Unfortunately it doesn't matter how talented someone is if they are always suffering injury. It's the same in any sport.

Nostrodamus, pity you didn't read what I said correctly. His major weakness is that he gets injured too easily. In a sport where even the best fall off occasionally, being able to minimize injury and recover quickly is obviously paramount. For example, Stoner had a few falls on the Ducati last year, but never got injured seriously enough to prevent him riding. Maybe Pedrosa is just very unlucky...

There is no proper controllable way to crash, and Simoncelli swipping Pedrosa's noise off was no minor crash. He came down heavy on his right shoulder with the ground imparting a lot of force straight into the collarbone. Most riders in such a scenario would've come away with a similar injury.

As I posted elsewhere Pedrosa is a very fit and very dedicated athlete, doing some 800 sit up's every morning, and I dare say plenty more anaerobic and aerobic fitness related activities over and above. These top flight boys all have personal trainers and have fitness levels comparable with any top flight international sportsperson.

You suggest that he is not fit and brittle. I contend he is extremely fit (when not injured) and plain unlucky.