Scott Jones Does Barcelona, Part 2: Images From Saturday At Catalunya MotoGP Round

Way to rile the Spanish fans, Marco

Lorenzo and his crew have to work hard to catch the Hondas

Black lines. Casey likes black lines

The Espargaro brothers are from Granollers, just a couple of clicks from the circuit. So their fans are here in force

With all this talk of radiation and dangerous riding, people keep missing that Crutchlow is getting fast

Weather report: Dark skies over Montmelo

Now that's what you call home support

The fate of Italy rests in this mind

Ben Spies is comfortable again. And he looks it.

Just your average Julian Simon fan.

Is she here yet?

Three's a crowd, they say.

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As usual.

However, that's not a Simon fan. It's the tiger mascot from Alberto Moncayo's sponsor Tigreton.