Race Direction Act Again: Sofuoglu And Simon Summoned For Barcelona Crash

MotoGP's Race Direction have been extremely active recently. The latest move by the body charged with enforcing MotoGP's rulebook is to summon Kenan Sofuoglu and Julian Simon to discuss the crash between the pair at Barcelona.

The incident was caused when Sofuoglu ran in too hot to the corner, and crashed into the back of Simon, breaking the Mapfre Aspar rider's leg. Sofuoglu immediately understood that it was his fault, going over and apologizing to Simon as soon as both men were up. However, Race Direction clearly feel they need to discuss the matter with the two riders, to learn the exact background to the crash. The meeting is to take place on Thursday before the Silverstone MotoGP round, and though Kenan Sofuoglu is certain to attend - despite suffering a mild concussion and being examined for a wrist injury - Julian Simon could well be forced to miss the race due to his broken leg.

Below is the press release from Race Direction announcing the meeting:

Statement of the Race Direction  

Moto2 Race - Catalunya Grand Prix – 5 June  

Following the collision between Kenan Sofuoglu (TUR) and Julian Simon (ESP), the Race Direction has decided to organise a hearing. Both riders being currently in hospital for treatment, the hearing will be held on Thursday 9 June at 16h00.

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What exactly are they hoping to clear up on this one? Is there now going to being a hearing after every race crash? What about Aoyama and De Puniet then, for instance?

I'm not sure of the remit of Race Direction, but is there a chance that they could be meeting to discuss the nature of the crash, rather than the cause? By this I mean the location and the position of their bikes, and riders, once the crash had come to its completion. For me this is the biggest worry - there was the possibility of extremely serious injuries to both riders, hitting the tyre wall at speed. Maybe Race Direction may want to review the crash and get a first hand account from each rider of their experience of the crash with a view to changing either run off provision, air fencing or both at that particular section of track? Just a thought...

Ugly, ugly crash. Those guys really are lucky. Poor Kenan, looked like he was really gonna take a good result. But obviously the real victim here is Simon who was definitely on pace for a podium.
At the end of the day though it looked like a race incident, Kenan was obviously at fault, but it certainly didn't look intentional, looked like he came in too hot and couldn't do anything. You couldn't see it on camera but Kenan had to come out of the previous turn very hard to keep his lead from the others, he couldn't scrub off his pace and rammed Simon. Hopefully Simon can recover...

Another well connected Spaniard hits the deck due to aggressive riding from someone with a record. I wish I could have confidence in the motive behind these meetings. Is it the well-connected Spaniard or the aggressive riding by a known trouble-maker that is the motivating factor?