2011 Moto2 And 125 Estoril Test Day 1 A Washout

If any of the Moto2 or 125 riders bust a gut rushing from one side of the Iberian peninsula to the other, leaving Valencia after the last day of the test on Saturday to get to Estoril - just west of Lisbon in Portugal - for the first day of the Estoril test, they needn't have bothered. The weather on Tuesday morning might generously be described as atrocious: soaking wet and high winds, and the riders spent most of the morning kicking around the paddock and not doing very much. Action only took to the track in the afternoon, once the sun came out a little and dried the track out enough to circulate on.

Times, though, were pretty meaningless. First man to brave the conditions was Kenan Sofuoglu, returned after skipping the Valencia test to attend his father's deathbed, and the Technomag CIP rider was soon joined by a select group of others. Fastest riders of the day were Simone Corsi and Jules Cluzel, their lap times a little under the lap record set back in October; that weekend, like this test, was affected by heavy winds and rain, giving little guidance for comparison. In the 125cc class, Nico Terol was the fastest man, but once again, his time was 5 seconds off record pace.

The riders are holding out for better weather tomorrow, and on that subject, the news is both good and bad. The good news is that the track is expected to be dry, or at least dryish. The bad news is that very high winds are expected, a common occurrence on Portugal's Atlantic coast, with just a row of low hills between the Estoril circuit and Connecticut, and thousands of kilometers of open ocean filling the space. 

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