Another Moto2 Withdrawal: Holiday Gym Team Withdraws, Simeon Jobless

Ever since its introduction, the Moto2 class has been oversubscribed, with more  teams wanting places than were available on the grid. Last year, over 40 riders regularly raced in the class, and there were 40 entries for the 2011 season. 

Natural attrition is starting to take its toll on the Moto2 grid, however, After the announcement that the Jack&Jones By Antonio Banderas team had withdrawn - reportedly leaving a trail of unpaid bills behind them - another team has abandoned the series. The Holiday Gym team, which had entered Belgian rider Xavier Simeon for the 2011 Moto2 season aboard a Moriwaki, has decided to pull out of racing altogether.

This time, the problem was not one of money. Luis Guerra, owner of the Holiday Gym chain of fitness and spa centers, had set up the team to back his son Yannick's racing ambitions. After a spell in World Supersport, Guerra switched to Moto2, partnering Fonsi Nieto in the Holiday Gym G22 team run by Pablo and Gelete Nieto.

Holiday Gym put in a separate entry for the 2011 season, applying for two places on the grid, but unfortunately, they were awarded only one. With Simeon reportedly signed to a six-year contract, there was no room for Guerra in the squad. Initially, Guerra was to be entered as a wildcard at a number of Moto2 rounds, but the 22-year-old Spaniard, soon to obtain his license to pilot commercial aircraft, has decided to abandon his racing ambitions and concentrate on his main career.

The withdrawal of the Holiday Gym team leaves Xavier Simeon without a ride for 2011. The Belgian rider had put in a number of impressive wildcard and replacement rides, subbing for the injured Fonsi Nieto, and underlining the form he showed in winning the 2009 Superstock 1000 championship. With Holiday Gym out, the Moto2 grid will shrink to 36 entries, though it is currently unknown whether teams who were put on the reserve list will be offered places or not.

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3 things.

- Simeon has a six year contract that doesn't include a motorcycle to ride. Ouch.

- I wish I had a rich daddy to let me fly jets and race motorcycles.

- Please, David, fix that damn div on the left side some time in the new year. It's been an annoying broken thing on your otherwise (mostly) fine site forever. It's like a one minute thing to fix.

- ok, 4 things since I'm full of free advice (which everyone loves!). Remove your hard sell articles from the top of the page. It's probably costing you new users when the start page is full of that stuff, that's counter productive. Just make a nice bright button on the side and post occasional reminder articles.

- 5 : Best Wishes to you and yours and I look forward to more great articles in the upcoming year as well as the smart commentary your articles attract. Present commentary excepted of course ;)

Hi Les,

1. the sidebar is going to be fixed in January. Maybe a slight redesign to go with it.

2. The hard sell articles will also go, to a spot on the sidebar. Want to make a nice shiny button?

3. We move house on December 30th. Normal service will be resumed shortly afterwards. 

You wouldnt fly a jet or race if wealth was around you so you could? I would and wouldnt give a rats ass about what anyone thought.

I think the site is good and DE has to yield some roi for the site or it might not exist. I dont care what the GUI looks like Im here for the read.

keep up the good work & happy holidays to all

That is kind of hard to believe.

Hope you are all moved in......Who makes their wife move during the Holidays? I'm surprised the frying pan hasn't smashed all your fingers at this point. Glad she has a much better sense of humor than most!

Thanks for all you do K. Looking forward to your getting settled and ramped back up.

Simeon really impressed in Superstock,pretty much a one man show for Ducati.
Nice Christmas present to reward his talent.No bike.
On the other hand,I don't have a problem with the Moto2 grid suffering attrition in terms of numbers. 9 rows of 3 = 27. That would suit the riders and me,as a viewer,just fine.
Have a great festive season all,whether your'e iced out up North,or hot as Hell down South.

Moto2 and the 125s still run 4 riders per row. Or did this change in the post season rule tweaking?

I agree that the grid could suffer and things may even be a bit improved in terms of turn one safety. It's just a shame when good riders are left without a place to show their skills. I'm not sure if it's always been like this, or if the increased surveillance makes us all more aware of when otherwise talented riders are forced to leave the world stage.

Yes it did change in the last modification of the rules. Which would make about 12-13 rows in Moto2 and a vast speed difference between riders from the firsts and lasts rows in the first turn.