2011 World Superbike Calendar

The FIM has just released an updated version of the 2011 World Superbike calendar, which includes the full schedule of WSBK and WSS, as well as the supporting Superstock series. The dates in the provisional calendar remain unchanged, but the circuits are now all confirmed, removing the last To Be Announced dates from the provisional calendar. As reported earlier, Donington makes a return on the WSBK schedule, with what looks likely to be a chilly European WSBK round in late March.

The other open question was the third Italian round of WSBK, with rumors suggesting that the series might make a return to the Vallelunga circuit near Rome, after Rome native Max Biaggi secured his first World Superbike title earlier this season. This is not to be, however, and WSBK will once again return to Imola for another year.

Elsewhere, the World Supersport class has been dropped from the US round at Miller Motorsports Park. Though the US round attracted a number of wildcard entries, they never included the top AMA Supersport riders, and as some of the smaller WSS teams complained about the cost of the Transatlantic expedition, the class has been quietly dropped from the schedule.

Here's the 2011 WSBK schedule as it stands. Barring extreme circumstances (such as the volcanic eruption that saw the postponement of the Japanese MotoGP round), it is unlikely to undergo any more changes before next year. 

Dates Grand Prix Circuit Superbike Supersport Superstock
February 27 Australia Phillip Island X X  
March 27 Europe Donington X X  
April 17 The Netherlands Assen X X X
May 8 Italy Monza X X X
May 30 (Monday) United States Miller Motorsport Park X    
June 12 San Marino Misano X X X
June 19 Spain Motorland Aragon X X X
July 10 Czech Republic Brno X X X
July 31 Great Britain Silverstone X X X
September 4 Germany Nürburgring X X X
September 25 Italy Imola X X X
October 2 France Magny-Cours X X X
October 16 Portugal Portimão X X X

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Will it have the same layout as before? I wasn't such a fan of it...

In my opinion, the WSBK season is spread out over too much time. The moment I get excited and amped for the next race I have to wait as long as ENTIRE MONTH! By the time that race rolls around I've forgotten why I was so excited.

These month long gaps are a detriment to the series and effectively remove the drama. Don't get me wrong, I love WSBK, but it would benefit from either a shorter season with less time between events of more events all together.

I agree with cryogenic, but i also fail to understand the addition of donington so early in the season (dont be suprised to see it snowed off!) it is asking for a cancellation(does donington park have its own gritters?)they also schedule races on the same day as motogp iirc three in total thankfully one of these is when motogp are in Oz so at least theres no tv coverage clash, there surely must be a better way. I do like the idea of vallelunga back in the series

you're bang on cryogenic, this season felt awkward and without any flow. A month off here, a month off there. I forgot who was chasing who and kinda lost interest towards the end.

Really sorry to see WSS get dropped fom Miller. Sucks to be on the west coast of US, we get jipped. No Moto2, no 125 (and no Moto3 I'm guessing) and now no WSS either. No we lucky souls get to watch Roger Lee Hayden and Dayton SportBike :\