Estoril Time Schedule: Four Practice Sessions And Clocks Going Back Complicate Schedule

The experiment with four sessions of practice of 45 minutes each which the MotoGP paddock tried out at Aragon was regarded as a success, after complaints from riders and teams that the three sessions of a single hour left them too little time to fix setup issues. After Aragon, Dorna and IRTA decided to return to the four-practice format for Estoril and Valencia as well.

As a result, the schedules for the last two MotoGP rounds of the year are a little different from the earlier rounds, with practice kicking off on Friday morning instead of Friday afternoon. The schedule at Estoril is further complicated by the fact that Daylight Savings Time ends in Europe on Saturday night, meaning that Europeans put their clocks back an hour at 3am on Sunday. Viewers from the US and Australia will need to take extra caution when figuring out their viewing times, as DST ends in the US a week later, on the weekend of the Valencia MotoGP Round.

For European MotoGP fans, however, nothing should change, as long as they remember to put their clocks back. The MotoGP race will take place at 2pm CET as always, which is 1pm local time and GMT. To compensate for the early start, the 125cc race has been moved until after MotoGP, the 125cc race due to start at 2:30pm local time, or 3:30pm CET.

All in all, a weekend for MotoGP fans to be a little more careful about planning to watch their favorite sport, using a meeting planner such as, or by checking the front page of the website. But with the title race in MotoGP and Moto2 over, leaving nothing to race for but glory, the racing will hopefully make up for the inconvenience.

Estoril Schedule (local Portuguese time):

09:05-09:45 125cc Free Practice 1
10:05-10:50 MotoGP Free Practice 1
11:10-11:50 Moto2 Free Practice 1
13:05-13:45 125cc Free Practice 2
14:05-14:50 MotoGP Free Practice 2
15:10-15:50 Moto2 Free Practice 2
09:05-09:45 125cc Free Practice 3
10:05-10:50 MotoGP Free Practice 3
11:10-11:50 Moto2 Free Practice 3
13:05-13:45 125cc Qualifying Practice
14:05-14:50 MotoGP Qualifying Practice
15:10-15:55 Moto2 Qualifying Practice
09:00-09:20 Moto2 Warm Up
09:30-09:50 MotoGP Warm Up
10:00-10:20 125cc Warm Up
11:15 Moto2 Race (26 laps)
13:00 MotoGP Race (28 laps)
14:30 125cc Race (23 laps)


Time Schedule in local time. Time Zone: GMT+1 until October 30th / GMT on October 31st

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So 125 heads up every session except race day,then it flip sides with Moto 2.
Then the technicians talk about 'setup'. Nuts !! So the little guys work towards a Sunday setup, only to find a much more rubberised track come Sunday WUP, and the race,in cooler conditions with the only remaining title at stake.
2 stroke lottery.Ah well,it only takes 80 seconds to sort that one out !!