Redding To Ride At Aragon

The crash at Misano which killed Shoya Tomizawa was tough on both Scott Redding and Alex de Angelis. The two riders, who were following the Japanese rider when Tomizawa crashed, could not avoid the fallen Technomag CIP rider and struck him, both also crashing as a result. Of the two, Scott Redding came off worst, suffering a nasty gash in the back which required stitches to treat.

Of course, Redding's physical injuries were only minor when compared to the psychological trauma the young Briton suffered. Being involved in a fatal incident at the still relatively tender age of 17 is a lot for the young mind to bear, and there were question marks over Redding's willingness to return to racing. 

Fortunately, Redding is made of sterner stuff. With help from his team and friends, including fellow Briton Danny Webb, Redding has decided to keep on racing, and will be making his return at the next Moto2 round at Aragon on Sunday. The Marc VDS Racing rider tested today at Valencia, along with a large group of other Moto2 teams, and soon regained both his rhythm and his composure. Both Redding and De Angelis will be welcomed back into the Moto2 paddock with open arms, glad to put the horror of Misano behind them. 

The text of the Marc VDS Racing press release on Scott Redding is shown below:


After enjoying a rare weekend off from racing, the Marc VDS Racing Team head this week for the all new Motorland Aragon circuit in Spain for round 12 of the 2010 Moto2 World Championship.

For Scott Redding the return to racing this weekend will be a welcome one following his high-speed crash at Misano. The Gloucestershire teenager was lucky to escape serious injury, but required 12 stitches to close a laceration in his lower back.

After a week spent recuperating from his injury in Spain, Redding returned to the track for the first time today, alongside Marc VDS teammate Hector Faubel, during a planned development test at the Valencia circuit.

Both Redding and Faubel were quickly up to speed at Valencia, where they tested a number of new components and worked to further refine the set-up of their Suter MMX Moto2 machines ahead of this weekend's Aragon race.

Tomorrow the Marc VDS riders will head inland to the Aragon circuit, which lays 270km Northwest of Valencia, close to the town of Alcañiz. Although new to the Grand Prix calendar, Redding and Faubel tested at the Motorland Aragon circuit back in July, with both riders coming away with very positive impressions of the track.

Aragon will also see the reinstatement of Friday morning free practice for all classes, with the Moto2 riders the first on track at 09.05.

Scott Redding #45: "It was good to get back on the bike today at Valencia. It took a few laps for me to get back the feeling for the bike and the tyres, but I was pretty much on it by the end of the day. I had the stitches out of my back this morning just before the test and, apart from a bit of rubbing from my back protector, everything felt fine. I'm looking forward to this weekend's race at Aragon. The track is pretty special with a little bit of everything; fast corners, slow corners and a couple of long straights. We had a hard weekend at Misano two weeks ago, as did the whole Grand Prix paddock, but I want to bounce back this weekend with another good result."

Hector Faubel #55: "We head to Aragon off the back of a successful day's testing at Valencia, where I was able to further improve my feeling with the bike. We tested at Aragon a few months ago and I like the circuit. With its combination of slow and fast corners and the two long straights, it's quite different to the other tracks we race at during the season. For me it's always special racing in front of my home crowd, because they are not just enthusiastic, but also incredibly supportive. I'm really looking forward to this weekend's race and I'm determined to push for a good result."

Michael Bartholemy, Team Manager: "Some people outside the team have expressed their concerns over Scott's ability to bounce back from the tragic events at Misano, but we've never harboured any such doubts. We have seen on numerous occasions this season just how strong Scott is mentally, so it was no surprise to us when he was on the pace almost immediately during today's test at Valencia. After the positive test Hector and Scott had at Aragon in July, I think this is a track at which both riders can push for a good result and I know that's what they are aiming for this weekend."

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... that Scott is back in the saddle.

I hope his metal scars are better healed then this mess : from (another) Scott Redding twitter account. I guess this one might be some what geniune to get this type of photo.

Good luck to Scott. Another poduim, would be fantastic.

Best of luck to Scott.

Losing Shoya was traumatic enough to race fans, but he and DeAngelis have to be dealing with some seriously crappy feelings that most of us can't comprehend.

I hope they are both getting good help dealing.

Very well put. I also agree fully. its as heartwrenching as the piece David did for young Peter.
thank you.

I met Scott and Danny on Friday night at Misano. Both are friendly lads and I'm very happy to hear Scott is feeling good and looking forward to being back on track this weekend.