Hayden to Ride at Indy Mile!

Nicky Hayden revealed at the post-qualifying press conference that, because he qualified on the front row for the Indy MotoGP race, the Marlboro Ducati team are allowing him to take a few demonstration laps around the historic Indy Mile dirt track this evening. Despite not having "strapped on the steel shoe" since 2002, Hayden, a former national class dirt-tracker, is looking forward to the experience. There are a few Ducati-based flat track machines currently competing in the AMA series, but it wasn't divulged which one Hayden would ride. Maybe this won't be quite a epic as when Kenny Roberts rode the TZ750 bike last year, but it will be certainly worth watching.

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Wish I could be there tonight but I have to get up early to get to the track tomorrow. When you are my age you need your beauty sleep. Maybe next year I will stay in Indy and do all the really cool stuff that they have on the schedule this year.

I had to work today. Yesterdays track activities and practice sessions were GREAT, but tomorrow will be AWESOME! (As usual. Indy puts on a fantastic show. What a great town, and track).

On Monday I checked and it is 1876 miles from my house to the Indy I very nearly set out to be there but the 750 mile to Launa was more than the seat on my bike is made for so I decided not to go.

Now, I am kicking myself.

At least we've got Yavapai Downs coming up soon.

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