Scott Jones Shoots Laguna: Saturday Photos, Part 2

Double vision

Casey Stoner shows how to muscle a Marlboro Ducati upright

Mist: what makes Laguna Seca so tricky in the morning

Roger Lee Hayden did what he wasn't supposed: put some dents in an RC212V

Unsurprisingly, there's a few Team Texas fans at Laguna

Rossi's 500

Lorenzo's 500

Finally on the front row: Repsol Honda's Andrea Dovizioso


We agree

Turn One, Laguna Seca. Not as scary since they moved the media center back

Sci-Fi and motorcycle racing: a marriage made in heaven

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What is the odd extrusion coming from the Desmo's lower front fairing. Obviously it is for aerodynamic purposes, but can anyone tell what it is doing?

The wings on the fairing are for down force to try and improve weight on the front and hence grip.
Is this the new arms race in motogp? The mind boggles at what a bike will look like in 5 years.