Rossi: "Announcement On Future Only After Brno"

The rumors that Valentino Rossi is about to forsake Yamaha and go to Ducati have been growing ever since Mugello. But over the past few weeks, those rumors have been growing ever more frantic, with official announcements of the deal being predicted at Barcelona, at Brno after the test, and here at the Sachsenring. The latest rumors gathering pace in the Italian press is that a deal is to be announced at Laguna Seca, after the race there next weekend.

That is not to be the case, according to Rossi himself. When asked during the pre-event press conference when the media and Rossi's fans could expect an announcement on his future, Rossi said that the time was not yet ripe. "I think now for me, it's too early," the Fiat Yamaha rider told the press conference. Any news would come much later in the year, he said: "I think it's possible to say what's happening for me in 2011 after the Brno race."

So speculation will continue to rage for another month on what Rossi will be doing next year. Though the fans are starting to grow restless, the media will be pleased, as Rossi rumors will help to sell papers throughout MotoGP's summer break. 

A switch to Ducati still seems like by far the most likely scenario, though now speculation has turned to the future of Rossi's crew. The Italian press is reporting that Rossi will make the switch to Ducati without his long-time crew chief and technical genius Jerry Burgess, liaising almost directly with Ducati designer and engineering guru Filippo Preziosi. But so far, no word has come from Burgess himself. As these were the same papers reporting an early announcement from Rossi on his switch to Ducati, the value of these reports is frankly rather hard to judge. Soon, though, the wait will be over, and the news will be made official. Whatever that news may be.

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I was told by on of the moderators of this site the other day "I'm pretty certain that we are beyond the "thinking about" stage and Rossi is definitely leaving Yamaha."

Has something changed?

I don't think anything has changed, but Rossi may still be working on details, and seeing what his alternatives might be. Then there's a question of contracts: it's quite normal for riders to have conditions in their contracts that forbid them from making early announcements, so as not to distract attention from their current manufacturer (for example, now all anyone wants to talk to Casey Stoner about is Honda, rather than Ducati).These can be disregarded by mutual consent, but I doubt Yamaha would let Rossi do such a thing - if such a clause exists in his contract. We'll see at Brno, though. 

My guess is Rossi wants to milk this for all the attention he can get. Whether the deal is done or not, is irrelevant. The fact that other deals such as Pedrosa's and Dovi's are still to be decided only adds to the uncertainty. Everyone seems to think Rossi's going to Ducati to team with Nicky, which is most likely what will happen. The issue I'm interested in is, will Nicky get an extention? There's no guarantee Nicky's a lock although the next two tracks couldn't be more perfect for him. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I'm ready for next year now.

All "Employees" want to be respected by their boss/employer. I've heard professional athletes justify their salary demands as a form of respect from the Team Owner.

Therefore, I Agree on the milking for attention.

To what end? Answer could be that he's used his absence as a wake-up call to Yamaha to get off their collective a$$es and find a way to "RESPECT" this likely-
GOAT and correct the ridiculous notion that Jorge is worth anywhere near what overall Value (motorbike and merchandise unit sales) that Rossi brings to Yamaha.

Result = Big Payday for Rossi, as he (and Burgess) stay at Yamaha.

How could he go to Ducati without Burgess, whose mechanical insight must have been a major factor in all these championships? Not only without him, but is there a possibility Burgess might wind up competing with him, maybe even in Jorge's corner? Surely Rossi would not want that.

And how could Ducati not make sure Burgess was coming, as this might be the best chance they will ever have of overcoming the problems with their machine and developing it's full potential?

As far as I understood some of the reports that said JB would not follow Rossi, it was put down more to the alleged wish of JB to maybe retire at some point in the near future. Another manufacturer switch from Rossi would simply be the trigger. Therefore he most likely would not end up competing against Rossi at any point.

But again, that's all allegedly and assuming Rossi actually does go to Ducati and the rest of the rumours are true.

I think JB would either follow Rossi to Ducati or retire from the sport completely.

The speculation that he will become Ben Spies crew chief at Yamaha seems to be based purely on the rumour that Rossi will go to Ducati alone, and takes no account of JB's avowed intent to retire soon and of Spies close relationship with Tom Houseworth (which would surely lead to conflict if they try to have 2 crew chiefs?).

... didn't really want to leave Honda with Rossi, but honda's waffling forced his hand. If Yamaha make it clear (which I think they have) that they want him to stay, Rossi is going to Ducati by himself. JB will probably be the technical director of the whole Yamaha effort, what his exact title will be is anybody's guess.

Jerry Burgress is a great technician and crew chief, but his presence and / or absence will not determin either Rossi or Spies success or failure to perform.

It may take a while to sort out the communication issues but sooner rather than later the cream will rise to the top (as long as the factory has a competitive machine to offer).