Video: Ben Spies Talks About His Silverstone Podium

As usual, the guys at catch up with Monster Tech 3 Yamaha's Ben Spies after the race at Silverstone. In this episode, Spies talks to OTT's Dave Williams about his podium at Silverstone, his crash, the problems that the cool English weather caused for the tires, and the difficulties of trying to spot a pitboard when you're sliding out of a corner and firing off towards Turn 1. Here's what Spies had to say for himself:

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I'm loving this series of Spies interviews. Between those videos and David's work on this site, my knowledge/appreciation of MotoGP has gone up about 1000% in the last year. If you haven't been watching them, IMHO you're missing out on a lot of good stuff. The production values are not great, but if you can hang with the freezing video and the occasional dropped Skype connection, you'll find the time well spent.

Agreed...thanks for mentioning that...I should have. I really enjoy those as well. In those he tends to give even more insight into the life of a rider and the relationships among the riders, as well as the good stuff about the racing itself.