Jorge Lorenzo Post Qualifying Debrief: "It Will Be Difficult For Them To Catch Me"

Q: That first session was very impressive, faster almost every lap. Was that a full race distance or not?

Jorge Lorenzo: It was 17 laps. Almost race distance.

Q: That looks like being race pace, that looks like being good enough to do what Dani did at Mugello.

JL: I don't know. I think that race pace will be 2'03.8, 2'03.9.

Q: And you don't know which tire you're going to use yet?

JL: No, it depends on the weather. If it's warmer, maybe we will use the hard one, if it's like today, maybe we will use the soft.

Q: But you were having no problems with the harder tire in the cold?

JL: It's harder to warm up the hard tire than the soft one, that's all.

Q: Now that Valentino's gone, there's stories that Casey is going to Honda, there's stories that Valentino will be going to Ducati. Do you think that's affected the way that the market will work? Has it changed your position, or are you still focused on being with Yamaha?

JL: No, I just focus on getting the best results. If I get good results, all the brands will be interested in me. But as I normally say, Yamaha is the first option, and I would like to continue with them.

Q: Dani was fast in some laps, but do you think Dani can match your pace tomorrow?

JL: It depends on my mind. My mind is open and it will be difficult for them to catch me. I will try to race like I can qualify.

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Pedrosa's pace now depends on Lorenzo's mind? Interesting.

easy stomach.....easy......phew, there we go! That was a close one.

...or self-confidence this weekend. Haven't heard anyone that cock-sure since Casey Stoner's post-QP interview at Laguna Seca in '08. (We all know how that turned out.) Good chance for someone (esp. DP) to get in George's head is he can stop him tomorrow. Seems a tall order, though...