Dani Pedrosa Post Qualifying Debrief: "Tires Are A Tricky Decision"

Q: Are you happy with your setup for tomorrow?

Dani Pedrosa: Yes, pretty much.

Q: Like everyone, you haven't decided which tire to use yet?

DP: Yes, it's a tricky decision! Because now we were most of the time running with the soft tire, but then we tried the harder one. It's difficult to judge right now, because at the end with a soft tire, you improve a lot with the lap time, so it's not an easy decision. I think we have to see the weather tomorrow, to see if it's warmer.

Q: Do you think the soft tire has the life?

DP: That's the point, because it doesn't look like it's getting damaged.

Q: You got caught on bumps when you crashed. Are there places you can ride around the bumps on the track, or is it just bumpy everywhere?

DP: No, not everywhere, but there are two or three corners where you really hit those bumps, you cannot avoid them. But in the corner where I crashed, it's the old track coming in and joining the new track, so perhaps that's why there's some bumps.

Q: It looked like you sort of fell off, then the bike highsided and hit you, then ran off into the barrier. Do you know if the engine is going to be OK?

DP: The engine looks OK. Some damage to the bike, but the engine's OK.

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