OnTheThrottle Video Interview: 20 Minutes With Cal Crutchlow

More videos from OnTheThrottle.tv, the OTT crew taking full advantage of being on-site at Miller Motorsports Park. This time, David Williams, Jonathan Green and Steve Martin sit down for a long chat with reigning World Supersport champion Cal Crutchlow. The Sterilgarda Yamaha rider talks about a huge range of subjects: How he got started, why he switched from soccer to motorcycle racing, the phenomenon that is Max Biaggi, traveling to Monza under the shadow of a volcanic ash cloud, and ambitions in MotoGP.

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This was my first time to hear Cal interviewed. He seem like a fine fellow and now has a new fan. As an American I have always felt a connection to our British forefathers/brothers and was glad for the time we got to see Neil Hodgson while he raced over here.

Wish I could be there to root you on this weekend. Good on ya mate - and best of luck on the track this weekend - and for the rest of your carreer!