Normal Service To Be Resumed On Friday

After my many trials and tribulations, stymied at every turn by a mixture of bad luck, poor decisions and my own stupidity, I have finally returned home. My return shall be brief, however, as tomorrow morning first thing, I head back to France, with a vehicle large enough to contain my misbehaving motorcycle, only to rush home again on Friday.

As a consequence of all these perambulations, I will have little time to update the site. Fortunately, Mike Walt and Scott Jones will be heading to Miller soon, to cover this weekend's World Superbike event there. And so as of Friday evening, or at the latest Saturday morning, the site should start to return to normal, and updates will once again start to appear with their usual regularity.

Thanks very much for your patience, and my apologies at having let you, my readers, down. Fortunately, neither Scott nor Mike are as incompetent as I am, and will make up for my failings this weekend.

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I expect most of us, your readers, enjoy your COMPETENCE and insight as an motorcycle sport author.

So good luck with fixing your bike problems and I'll be happy reading your reports with 1 week delay.

Stop being so darn hard on yourself, you are still doing a great job, no matter the current trials and tribulations you are going through!

Best of luck getting your bike back home and repaired, hopefully if there are any more adventures involved they will be good ones!

Actually, I think most of else felt like we were somehow apart of your adventure by the way you've shared it with us. Surely the fans of your site were partially in mind during your escapades ;) It all adds character to you and the site, knowing the extents you go to help bring us regular people into the wonderful world of Motorcycle Grand Prix.

I think this whole incident has added another wonderful layer of personality to your site.
Incompetence would have been to let the site go dead, with no news at all.
Instead, we all got additional insight into the effort that goes into it all.


You should banish all such thoughts. Life, is Life....hence, it is a four letter word. Glad to see you are ok.

Thanks for keeping us up to speed, hope the BuMW problems are solved quickly and inexpensively.


I would be surprised if ANYONE that reads any of your writing would feel let down. We all look forward to your reports and insights. If anything, I think someone wrote this earlier, it feels like we are along with you. No letdown. We all appreciate what you share. Thanks and hope all goes better in the future.

C'mon David, you didn't let down anyone here. Quite the contrary. All of us were concerned about your traveling mishaps, and we are happy to see you back at home.

The internet is an amazing place, I hope it helped you feel supported and accompanied during this week.

What I'd like to see sometime in the near future is an exclusive Q&A with some rider but with reversed roles, Ben Spies perhaps, asking YOU the questions.

"So tell us, Mr. Kropotkin, When did you realised your beemer was having problems?"

I've been in a cold sweat and my hands haven't stopped shaking for days. So glad it's Friday Dave. I need my daily Motomatters fix.....

Things are nearly back to normal. My bike is to be returned to the Netherlands (where I am based) in the next week or so, but at least that part has been arranged and I don't need to worry about it any more. And I am recovering from an incredibly stressful week with a little bit of R&R, which I badly needed. Updates are appearing on the site again, and more is to come over the next few days. By Mugello, everything will be back to normal.