Video Highlights Of The World Superbike And World Supersport Races From Kyalami

It's the Monday after a World Superbike weekend again, and as always, that means that highlights of the weekend's races are up on the official World Superbike Youtube channel. So if you're looking for a way to get the adrenaline pumping again at the start of a week, then grab a coffee, take your phone off the hook and grab ten minutes of the scorching action from Kyalami. And if that isn't enough to kickstart your week, then strongly suggests you head on over to the website of Italian broadcaster La7, where they have both World Superbike races in full, albeit with Italian commentary. As an aperitif to tickle your fancy, WSBK race 1 is here, but if you want to watch 40 minutes of the kind of fairing-banging action that World Superbikes is famous for, then WSBK race 2 is here

World Superbike race 1 highlights:

World Superbike race 2 highlights:

World Supersport race highlights:

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