Assen WSBK Round To Go Ahead As Planned

The news that Dorna and the FIM had been forced to postpone the Motegi MotoGP round, scheduled to take place next Sunday, had plenty of fans worrying that a similar fate might befall this Sunday's Assen World Superbike round. But whereas the only way to get from Europe to Japan was by plane, a journey which had become nigh on impossible due to the ban on air travel throughout most of Europe, caused by the cloud of ash being spewed out by the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, the route from the previous WSBK round at Valencia to Assen went almost exclusively over land. And surface travel - though tricky in some places - is still largely unhindered.

Just to be sure, we contacted the World Superbike Series press officer, Infront Motor Sports' Julian Thomas, to make sure there the Assen WSBK round would be unaffected. "There shouldn't be any issues for the Assen World Superbikes round," Thomas told us. "The bikes are already all in Europe following the last round at Valencia, and so are the riders. There should also be no problems for the fans either, which are mainly local or from Germany and UK. The teams are organizing to get there by car as well."

So although fans will be deprived on one half of their fix of motorcycle racing this weekend, they can still revel in the thrills and spills of a weekend of World Superbike action. That should provide more than enough excitement to keep them going until the weekend after, when MotoGP returns at Jerez in Spain.

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