Nicky Hayden Video Interview With Greg White

Ever wondered what a MotoGP rider does during the off-season, and how they prepare? Well, veteran US broadcaster Greg White visited Nicky Hayden to find out, went for a cycle training ride and talked to him about 2010, recovering from his arm pump surgery and college basketball.

On the cycle ride: 

Thanks to 2WheelTuesday for finding the video.

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This is why Nicky Hayden is liked by everyone—because he a genuinely a fun, nice guy.

Thanks for sharing!

It is really too bad that there is absolutely no way to sift through all the garbage on SpeedTV to find this stuff. At least they used to have 2-wheel Tuesday and lumped all the motorcycle stuff together.

I guess the trade off is that we now get the races on Sunday rather than Tuesday but all other motorcycle coverage is stuff into the cracks between reality tv shows and NASCAR debate.

Anyway, thanks for bringing us this. Rant over.

should stop borrowing his little sister's bike....its too small. Nicky's seat is too low as well.

If you hear either of them complaining of knee'll know one of the contributory causes. They both should go to a (professional) bike shop & be fitted properly. If they ride even once a week...they are asking for trouble.