Jason DiSalvo Talks About The Triumph WSS Deal

Garry McCoy's unseemly ejection from the Triumph World Supersport team has cast a shadow over Jason DiSalvo's arrival at the team. This is unfair on the young American, who had nothing to do with McCoy's dismissal, and even thought that he would be partnering McCoy at Triumph. The excellent OnTheThrottle TV took the opportunity to talk to DiSalvo after he returned from his first test on the Triumph 675 at Portimao, and asked him about the situation in the team, how he found the Triumph, and his experience of the outstanding Portimao circuit.

For another take on the whole situation, and interviews with both McCoy and DiSalvo, read Mark Gardiner's AGV Backmarker column over on the Road Racer X magazine website. Or listen to Jim Race's in-depth interview with DiSalvo on last week's MotoGPOD Podcast.

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Great interview. JD seems to have matured quite a bit. He might turn out to be a pretty smart hire for the Tri team. Its good to see he has little communication issues. RL Hayden has apparently zero ability to communicate with his crew. That's got to be very hard. I don't see how that can work.