McCoy To Be Replaced By DiSalvo Or Charpentier In WSS Team?

For the past two seasons, Triumph's World Supersport effort has been spearheaded by the veteran Australian Garry McCoy. McCoy has been the the face of Triumph, first with the Triumph SC team, then last year with BE1. The Australian was due to return once again to lead Triumph's efforts in World Supersport for 2010 for the ParkinGo BE1 team, but it seems this is not to be.

According to the Italian magazine MotoSprint, McCoy's salary demands have risen too much beyond the means of the ParkinGo team's relatively modest budget, and therefore the Australian will not be riding for the team in 2010. This comes as a double blow to the team, as McCoy was also set to front the Triumph ParkinGo European Series. This class, meant to showcase young talent by pitting them against one another on identical bikes, a lightly modified version of Triumph's popular middleweight naked bike the Street Triple R, is due to run as a support class at the European rounds of World Superbike.

The loss of McCoy does allow the team to restructure and expand its effort, however. The team had already intended to field three machines next year, with the young Briton Chaz Davies and Spanish rider David Salom alongside the Australian. According to MotoSprint, the ParkinGo team will replace McCoy with two riders, with AMA star Jason DiSalvo and former WSS champion Sebastien Charpentier being named for the slots. DiSalvo's exit from the US-based and DMG-run AMA Pro Racing series is unsurprising, as several American riders are believed to be looking for a way to cross the Atlantic and race in a World Championship. But Charpentier's involvement is a surprise. The Frenchman decided to retire from racing at the end of the 2007 series, after a string of injuries left him struggling to compete.

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Hmmmm... wasn't this the same source that reported Bayliss was coming out of retirement to race for Aprilia?

I am glad to see Jason DiSalvo get this opportunity. He is tvery alented, and we have seen glimpses of it at times in the AMA. This past season, unofrtunately, was not a great one for him. But the previous season (or was it the one before that?) he was putting the Yamaha in places it should not have been and running faster than anyone thought possible. If he can keep it upright, then we should see good things from him.

However, and this is what I am concerned about, if he performs poorly (doubtful) or if he wrecks too many bikes, then ParkinGo BE1 may just drop him and stick with three riders. Four is a lot of riders even if you are well funded, and I expect that as the season progresses that they will pare there effort down to three bikes; DiSalvo or Charpentier being given the nod depending on performance and how much money they can bring to the table.