Suffering Technical Problems, Likely To Continue For A Few Days

Some of our loyal readers have written to us over the past few days to report a technical problem with the site. They have reported being unable to view the site, with connections timing out and the site not responding.

We are deeply grateful for the reports, and are working hard to resolve the problem. It is, however, not easy, as the problem seems to revolve around the length of time that some ISPs are taking to resolve the domain (in simple terms, your computer is asking your provider's server to locate the computer where the website is being hosted, and this process is taking too long). This is not a situation we have any direct control over or an easy fix for. We are currently investigating a number of solutions to the problem, including moving the site to a different hosting company nearer to the majority of our audience. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends and fans, many of whom have offered advice and assistance. And if you have any advice to give, please either leave it in a comment or email us at with suggestions. If you want to provide financial assistance to help us fix this, then we would be grateful for your donation, which you can leave on the donation page.

For those who would like to help but have no technical skills to offer, there is one way you could help. If you read and post links to stories on forums that you visit regularly, then please advise your friends on those forums that the site is still up and running, but just suffering a temporary outage. And please feel free for the time being to copy and paste any news items that appear here to your favorite forums, subject to the proviso that you provide a link back to the original story.

Our apologies for the inconvenience, and our thanks for your patience.

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Just a heads up, anyone having problems visiting the site should be able to see it using any free proxy server, that\\\'s what I\\\'ve been using for awhile now, no problems.

Good luck with everything, and happy new year!

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