Fiat Video Interviews With Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo

One of the more interesting developments in the world of motorcycle roadracing this year has been the explosion of internet coverage of the sport, and especially of MotoGP. That development has been going on outside the paddock for a long time now (both with conventional news sites such as and, and with blogs and podcasts such as and MotoGPOD), but the same development is starting to creep into the paddock, the updating (and vast improvement) of the official website being perhaps the prime example.

But pressure is coming especially from sponsors. The Fiat Yamaha team is a prime example, with Fiat's own Fiat On The Web website hooking into the new wave of social networking websites, use of which has skyrocketed this year. The website's team have made optimum use of websites such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter to get their message across, and engage fans and sell their brand. Two examples of how to do this are below: At the end of the season, the Fiat On The Web team interviewed some of the key - and colorful - figures inside the Fiat Yamaha team, and posted the results up on Youtube. You can watch the first two of those interviews - with riders Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo - below:

Valentino Rossi, who finally got his own website this year

Jorge Lorenzo, who groks the web, posting regular and interesting updates on Facebook, Twitter and his website

Tomorrow, interviews with team photographer Gigi Soldano, team manager Davide Brivio, and Laura Motta, team coordinator.

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