Mladin To Test BMW in Oz?

Since recently retired 7-time AMA Superbike champion Mat Mladin let it drop on his Twitter page that he had  offers to compete in WSBK in 2010, this breaking story has grown legs and developed a life of its own. As noted here at MotoMatters, it's rumored that the "very good machinery" that Mladin alluded to is a privateer BMW S1000RR fielded by Alfred Inzinger's Reitwagen Racing team. The latest development in this surreal saga comes from the intermittantly reliable Motorcycle News. According to MCN, rumor has it that a test is being arranged so that Mladin can ride the  Beemer at Eastern Creek.

While this is the sort of story that  motojournalists live for, especially in the dead of winter, one must wonder if this a massive joke being perpetrated by Mladin, who likes nothing better than to yank people's chains. When Reitwagen announced that their team would campaign BMW machinery, team management was careful to explain that the equipment that they would utilize would not be "factory" in spec and rather a stock based motorcycle with support from BMW.  Although Mladin may be bored, its difficult to see the self-proclaimed "second highest paid motorcycle racer in the world" coming out of retirement to flail about tracks around the globe on an uncompetitive bike. Of course, things and people change and maybe BMW is upping the ante in order to attract a world-class talent. Time, as always, will tell.

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I cant see mladin racing on anything without factory support. I would have believed it if it were the yoshimira team going to sbk. But this sounds like a hoax now. Especially since last year the bmw did terrible.

Don't think it has anything to do with Spies. He'd likely still be in the AMA if it wasn't for DMG.

If he managed to win a single race in a complete season on the BMW, it'd be quite an achievement and "proof" enough alone of his ability. As if any were needed...

He's taking the piss....................
Mat may say he's so busy he doesn't have time to think, I suspect he does have time for a few Twitter posts....................