Ant West Fastest On Day 1 Of Moto2 Test At Valencia

The first large-scale outing for the Moto2 teams started today at Valencia, with 5 teams, 6 bikes and 8 riders out on track. According to the times issued by the teams afterwards, Ant West was the fastest of the Moto2 riders, though this requires the first of a number of sizable pinches of salt. According to, West's MZ-badged Moto2 bike was just a Supersport CBR600 in disguise, and consequently an already sorted package.

From there, it all gets very difficult to judge, as the different bikes have engines in very different states of tune, varying from kitted standard engines to full Supersport, and producing anywhere between 115 and 140 hp depending on the level of tune. The real test will come when Honda starts supplying the standard engines to the teams in March next year.

Julian Simon certainly put in a strong performance, the Aspar team once again running the BQR chassis, and edging closer to deciding to use this chassis as the replacement for the missing Aprilias. The Italtrans bike of Roby Rolfo was also impressive, Rolfo setting some strong times, while Raffaele de Rosa made a strong debut on the Tech 3 Moto2 bike, especially given the very low level of tune the Tech 3 team is running their Honda CBR 600 engine in.

Mike di Meglio struggled with mechanical issues, before finally finding his rhythm on the bike. But the Pons Kalex bike appears to need the most development at the moment, with both Axel Pons and Sergio Gadea close to the bottom of the timesheets.

Testing continues tomorrow.

Unofficial - and difficult to interpret - times, courtesy of

Pos Rider Bike Time
1 Anthony West MZ 1'37.4
2 Julian Simon BQR 1'37.9
3 Roberto Rolfo Suter-MMX 1'38.4
4 Raffaele De Rosa Tech3 1'39.2
5 Mike di Meglio BQR 1'39.3
6 Axel Pons Kalex 1'40.4
7 Sergio Gadea Kalex 1'40.4
8 Alessandro Brannetti CRP 1'40.5

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Tech 3 has got to be happy. They've barely put a wheel to the track and De Rosa has already posted a respectable time. Two seconds behind the competition is quite an achievement when the competition is Anthony West or highly-developed BQR bikes.

I wonder if someone does bring a basically stock Supersport chassis with the Honda supplied Moto2 motor, are they going to be allowed to race it, and would it be likely to be competitive?
It sounds like 'MZ' might be on to something!

That may actually be a decent plan. But to use the words they've been throwing around , a whole bike makes it a prototype or a production bike. I'd think a Honda engine, chassis, swingarm and fuel tank would get an awful lot closer to that concept of what makes a bike a production bike like those found in Super Sport. But what about a Honda engine, Yamaha chassis and adapted Suzuki swing arm?! Not that such a Frankenstien bike would be any good, but I that does beg the question of if production parts make it production or if a collection of parts that come as a production bike make it a production bike.

If they made their own one-off version of a Honda chassis with identical dimensions it would be hard to fault a chassis builder for using what works. Then they'd just have the luxury of making all the little modifications that are barred under FIM SS rules.