Provisional Calendar Reshuffled Again - Brno A Week Earlier

The provisional calendar released for 2010 left the teams and fans scratching their heads a little. The calendar featured two sets of three back-to-back races; one set starting on June 20th with the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and ending two weeks later on July 4th with Catalunya; and one set starting on August 22nd with Brno and ending two weeks later at Misano on September 5th. The first back-to-back did not raise any foreseeable problems, the middle race being the traditional run up to Assen for the Dutch TT. The second set, however, was a different kettle of fish.

For sandwiched between Brno and Misano was Indianapolis, on August 29th, meaning that the middle race in this back-to-back involved a hop back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean to the American Mid-West. As if that wasn't bad enough, the transatlantic schedule meant that the second of the two post-race tests scheduled for the 2010 MotoGP season would have to be scrapped, as alternatives for the traditional test at Brno were either thin on the ground or far too late in the season to be of any use.

It was a situation that could not stand, and it has taken just a few days to be fixed. News has reached us from Brno - where our good friends over at Pole Position Travel have a relationship with the Brno circuit owners - that the Brno MotoGP round is to be rescheduled, pushed back a week to its original date on August 15th. This puts two weeks between Brno and Indianapolis, and makes the post-race tests at Brno possible again.

Although the shuffling of the calendar makes planning for both the teams and the fans rather complicated, the move will be a big help to a lot of parties involved in MotoGP. The factories, in particular, will be pleased to get another day of testing back, while the rest of the paddock will be pleased not to suffer two lots of severe jet lag in as many weeks, with some time to catch their breath between the races.

With this change, the calendar should now be more or less finalized. Though it is impossible to rule out any more changes before the start of the season, the biggest changes are now surely behind us. 

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i never want to hear that the poor guys that travel around the world for a job wingeing about jet lag!!! those poor guys.. life must be hard doing it for fun and being paid. and if they don't like it shut up and quit..

While sitting from the comfort of our homes and everyday lives, I figure many of us dream of what it would be like to travel internationally for the purpose of being part of the MotoGP paddock. Certainly there are worse jobs in the world, but the act of closely spaced international travel (from one side of the world to the other, and back again), isn't everything it's cracked up to be; as jet-lag certainly impacts ones ability to ride motorcycles at the levels these guys do.

Adjusting the schedule from it's previous iteration, was a wise move.

Still think their soft!!! what about the days of the racers!! Barry Sheene going around Europe in small vans

I noticed that they are still saying that it is going to be the MotoGP race only, but I looked at the AMA schedule and I noticed that Laguna Seca is absent from the calender. Is it possible the Moto2 class and the 125s are going to come as well? Is there any way to find out? Even though I love MotoGP I still think it would be somewhat boring to ONLY have the MotoGP class, because then it would be 3 hours and 20 minutes of practice and qualifying, and the race, which really does not justify the prices we are having to pay for the tickets IMHO.

The AMA won't be there, probably. The 125s and Moto2 definitely won't be at Laguna Seca, because of the cost of shipping material to California and back. There will almost certainly be come form of other support races, but just what that will be remains to be seen.

David did you say that AMA wont be going to Laguna? is that just for the Motogp or the whole year?

There was no Laguna on the AMA calendar released earlier this month. So they're probably not going there at all, not for the MotoGP round and not for any other rounds either. 

There seems to be a rumor swirling about that the MIC is going to put together a 3 race series to challenge AMA Pro. The rumors suggest it will be run as a support class at Laguna, Indy, and Miller during the MotoGP and WSBK events that will be held in 2010.

I cannot attest to the validity of the rumors and I don't know how realistic or ridiculous they may be. The rumor appears to have been made public by Mat Mladin on his twitter account.