Lorenzo: "I Hope To Stay With Yamaha For The Rest Of My Career

The final MotoGP round of the 2009 season may not yet be over, yet the jockeying for position in contract negotiations for the 2011 season has already begun. After Yamaha expressed the hope that Valentino Rossi would end his career with the Japanese firm, today it was the turn of Jorge Lorenzo to express the same desire.

Speaking at the launch of the game Forza Motorsport 3 at the Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona, Lorenzo told the Spanish press agency Europa Press that he "hoped to spend the rest of his career with Yamaha." He was quick to point out that there was no guarantee that he actually would, though. "In a world [MotoGP] which changes all the time, you can't be certain of anything," Lorenzo said.

He also went over how he saw the season so far with the press agency, telling Europa Press that he had been pleased with the progress he had booked this season. "We improved a lot this season, and that's my goal every season, to improve on the year before," Lorenzo said. The biggest improvement had come in his consistency, he said. He had been pleased that he had managed to be at the front at every race, in contention for victory. His downfall, Lorenzo admitted, had been crashing. "If there's one 'but', it's been the crashes, but you always have something you think you could have done better."

Lorenzo's objective remains to become World Champion, a goal which he said he was always working towards. It would not be easy, though, Lorenzo admitted. "I can't guarantee that I will succeed, because there are always unknown factors in sports," Lorenzo told Europa Press. Some of those factors are not so unknown: Lorenzo acknowledged that his biggest obstacle was his team mate, Valentino Rossi. "He is the most complete rider, and he has the most experience. But you shouldn't forget Stoner or Pedrosa either," Lorenzo said.

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Lorenzo wants to end his career with Yamaha? How did he keep a straight face? I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth when I read that.

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Smart kid that Lorenzo... not that I think he will spend his entire career with Yamaha, but smart nonetheless.

And whippersnapper, maybe that's just some vomit leftover from when Lorenzo snubbed Ducati for less money.

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At this rate Jorge may never really have a career if Stoner stays around to keep whipping his arse!! and Pedrosa gets a better bike with help from Yamaha engineers.

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There are enough fora already where you can shout around immature nicks like this. Don't make a fool out of yourself.
As for Lorenzo's comment, I think he's just trying to frustrate Rossi who may be keen on some more years at Yamaha. I also think he is trying to please Yamaha so he would get just a tiny bit closer to that no.1 rider position. It's just the mind game.

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What happened, Lo? Did the flattracker hurt your feelings?

I think he's made a fair point. Lorenzo is not guaranteed a championship as long as Casey is around. And even Kropotkin has stated that Yamaha's engineers who are defecting to Honda could Make Pedrosa a real threat.

I hardly think that flattracker was "shouting" and "immature nick".

Get ahold of yourself.

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I edited flattracker's post to remove the immature and pointless nickname, replacing it with Lorenzo's first name. 

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Or were the standard 'journalists' not present to spin things around to make it seem like he said 'Rossi is an old man and Stoner eats kittens for lunch'. Maybe it was that it was a game launch and all the regular motorsport scribes were out practicing their cliche' phrases.

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I will be at Valencia, reporting live from the final GP, and I shall ask him if he really said that. Just to make sure. 

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Lorenzo had kept saying the same things until early this season when the silly season started. I do not think he really meant it. I think it is either his or his manager’s tactics to get better deal.

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I think it's genius! He is a smart lad. It's the opposite to what you'd think he'd be saying. Well played!

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I think little Jorge is a wee bit cocky myself. I dare say that's useful at the levels he's playing at but I'm thinking he should focus on not getting tangled up with Stoner & Pedrosa this weekend and make sure he gets that single point to confirm his vice championship position (or whatever it was that he called it).

This should be a fun weekend - lots of "oh-well, may as well go for broke" attitude out there.

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Actually I think this statement compromises J-Lo's credibility.
First he tarts himself up and makes himself available to the highest bidder.
Now he wants to settle down with Yamaha forever?

Either he was bluffing during contract negociations, or he's bluffing now.
But either way, he's making himself look bad.

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Lorenzo seems to make his comments for a reason. He has somewhat styled himself after Rossi in that respect. He is definitely a mind game player. It seems to me this is some type of tactic for one or more reasons. He is playing the game.

As far as Lorenzo getting whooped on by Stoner...... I believe even with the loss of his engineers, when Rossi is out of the picture, him and Stoner will go at it tooth and nail. Rossi takes a while before he starts attacking in a race. But Lorenzo and Stoner go from the gun. Both do not play with other riders they know they can beat by waiting till the end of the race and passing in the last 6 laps calling it a great battle, (which Rossi used to do against riders not on his level.) Both just go as fast as they can no matter how big the gap to second. MERCILESSLY pounding other riders into dust. If Lorenzo stays healthy I could bet he will win a World Championship.

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Mind games don't work when everyone knows you're bluffing.

I agree he will be world champion some day.
But so far I'm not impressed by his attempts at mind games.

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I will have to admit, up untill before this last silly season i was a big fan of Jorge, i also understand that times change and money is the key nowadays, it is also sad, a high price to pay is loyalty, apparently loyalty comes at a cost, you have to be efficient in order to make the money, but for some reason all it takes now is just to make little ripples and navigate the waves, meetings with competitors at plain daylight is normal now, no more meetings in the middle of the night, i know that i might sound a little nostalgic when i say that i will miss the runnig around in the dark trying to get something in the works, when you have a dream to change motorcycle racing for ever, if only for ever means a decade, Valentino has given me another reason to watch and follow this sport that is falling into a new era of uncertanty, i hope that i dont have to wait another 30 years to watch history in the making, its just too damn long, but with the racers that are coming out latelly i think that i might as well start following Nascar, LOYALTY, a word taken too lightly...

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